Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-visa emergency service 2022

In March 2022, Vietnam resumed its application for an e-visa (tourist visa).

Tourists from Hong Kong (passport number starts with “H, K”) in Macao and citizens from 80 countries who are eligible to apply for the e-visa list can apply for an e-visa directly online.

At present, if you write “apply for e-visa” on the Internet, you can find all kinds of relevant information about how to apply for an e-visa. However, there is no recommendation article that can confirm that you will receive your visa application in a few days. Have someone would say that within three days, another said it would take a week, and some customers told us that they had waited for more than 10 days and had not received the results.

Therefore, we suggest that it is better to apply for a visa at least 15 days before registration. If the time is too urgent, spend more money and apply through service.

The service application not only saves processing time but also does not need to fill in too much information. Just fill in the important information and pay, and take the rest off to us.

At present, our website provides an e-visa service to ensure the issuance of visas. The fee and processing time are as follows:

  • Processing time: 4 working days: $55
  • Processing time: 2 working days: $85
  • Processing time: 1 working day: $110

The above fees already include visa services and visa stamping fees. So please don’t pay any fee when you arrive at the airport!

Apply for Vietnam e-visa directly according to the following: (select e-visa, single entry within 30 days)

How to select emergency service: when applying for a visa, please select the date you want to receive the visa in “express service”.

Note: when applying for an e-visa, a very important one is “port of arrival”: please check again and again whether your place of entry is correct, otherwise you will be refused entry.

For example, Tan Son Nhat Int’l Airport (SGN) – Ho Chi Minh City should be selected for the entry of Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City; Many customers choose by mistake: Ho Chi Minh port – Ho Chi Minh city。

To learn more about the emergency services for applying for an e-visa, please contact;; Wechat /LINE: Vietnam-visa.


After Covid-19 disease, Vietnam is stepping up measures to prevent the virus from entering and spreading. Foreigners in Vietnam need to comply with the instructions and regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of health to prevent the spread of the 2019 coronavirus disease.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 2020-10-01): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visa, consulate visa, and landing visa. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

1/ Vietnam E-visa fees:  Visa fee: 40 USD, including service fee + visa fee (guarantee to receive a visa within two working days, and refund if visa fails). Emergency + 15 USD (received within one working day) Visa valid: 30 days, single entry.

1 / Visa on arrival (Landing visa) fees: Fill in the visa application form online: https://www.vietnam-visa.

Guidelines for landing visa in Vietnam: A landing visa can be used for any foreign citizen. The following visa fees are specially given to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.

Many countries now use electronic documents to facilitate access and make delivery quick and seamless and Vietnam is no exception. The E-Visa of Vietnam is such a document issued by the embassies of Vietnam for travelers who wish to visit this beautiful country.