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Can I apply Vietnam landing visa (Visa on arrival)? Is Visa on arrival reliable and easy to handle?

All of the visitors can apply for a Vietnam landing visa.

1 / Is Vietnam landing visa (Visa on arrival) application reliable?

Vietnam used to have very strict requirements for obtaining a visa. Many foreign tourists doubt the advertisement of a “landing visa” approval letter on the Internet.

But please don’t worry: the approval letter for landing visa in Vietnam is issued by the Ministry of immigration of Vietnam, with 100% reliability. Therefore, this letter is not handled by the travel agency or agency website. They only help you to apply for the visa approval from the Vietnamese immigration department.

2 / Online application information of the Vietnam landing visa?

There are two fees to be paid for the landing visa:

  • Online payment of visa approval fee (the price of each website is different, the fee is about 6 US dollars)
  • Visa stamping fee for arrival at Airport (single entry visa: USD $25; multiple entry visa: USD $50)

A/ Apply for visa approval letter before going to Vietnam:

What you really have to pay is not a visa, but a visa approval letter that allows you to obtain a visa when you arrive at Vietnam International Airport.

Online application: Fill in all the information you need and pay (6USD/person for 1-month single entry visa)

After the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and check the information. If there is no mistake, we will receive the visa approval within 2 working days.

Note: Please confirm that the email address you filled in is correct. If you haven’t received an email after applying for a visa, please check your email address. If you haven’t received it, please email us directly:

B / Obtain visa at Vietnam airport

Please prepare (instructions are also included in the email when you receive the visa approval):

  • Visa approval letter (Printed)
  • Two passport photos (Like passport photo)
  • Entry-exit form Na1 form
  • Cash ( VND or USD)

There is only one way to get there. Please go to “Visa on arrival office” or “Landing visa office”. Do not go to the normal immigration line, as you will be sent back to the landing visa counter.

At the counter: Please hand in your passport, visa, and photo and get an entry-exit form, Na1 form (this form is also available at the airport, if you haven’t printed it out yet, you can fill out it in here). Go to the other side of the counter and fill in the form (if not in advance) and wait for your name to be called.

After they call your name, they pay for the visa and stamp and take the passport of the new visa in it. About a dozen people applied at the same time, and it took about 30 minutes to complete the process (there will be more during the peak season).

Please note that:

Keep your passport and cash on your body during the flight, not in your checked luggage.

On arrival, several people will come to ask if you want to get your visa quickly (and then they ask for money). If you want to use the service, you can give them money. If you don’t want to use it, just say no. Many tourists are worried about this situation for the first time.

If you want to use the support services at the airport from our website, please make a reservation at the time of the visa application or by email. When you arrive at the airport, our staff will pick you up to help you with your visa. There is no need to queue up. You just look around to find your name on the welcome board.

Service fee (you can also see the recommendation when applying for a visa, and can choose to use or skip it)

  • Standard support: Visa processing does not need to queue up (get the visa within 10 minutes) with the service fee is 20 US dollars (excluding visa stamping fee)
  • VIP support: Get the visa within 10 minutes and then escort you to check out via the VIP gate. VIP customs with the service fee is 30 US dollars (excluding the visa seal fee)



According to the content of the notice, foreign citizens who enter Vietnam with visa-free entry, electronic visa entry, or tourist visa entry from March 1, 2020 can “automatically extend their temporary residence right” until August 31, 2020. Foreign citizens can leave Vietnam before August 31 without a visa extension.

Vietnam e-visa for UK citizen
December 23, 2019

British passport holders are allowed to enter the Vietnam visa-free for the maximum stay of up to 15 days. Thus, it implies that as a British passport holder, you are on the exemption list of Vietnam Visa-free countries.

Russia is known as the largest country in the world, which covers more than 1/8th of the earth’s inhabited total land area. Therefore, being the largest country, the country enjoys a lot of privileges around the world.

Czech citizens are eligible to apply for the Vietnam e-visa. Therefore, there are three valid visa options available for the Czech passport holders such as: Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in the Czech Republic, also called an offline visa type.

A trip to Vietnam requires a lot more than initial planning like budget, traveling days, places to visit, and more to explore Vietnam. Thus, the primary thing requires for a Vietnam travel is a valid Vietnam visa for the Dutch citizens.

Germany is on the exemption list of Vietnam visa requirements. If any German citizen is traveling to Vietnam for a stay, which is less than 15 days, then it will be a Visa-free entry.

Vietnam e-Visa For Koreans
December 18, 2019

Vietnam is a significant tourist destination for South Koreans. And you may also find the frequent and the most economical flights between the two nations, which make the travel even more convenient for South Korean citizens.

Polish citizens are required to apply for the Vietnam visa depending upon their purpose of visiting Vietnam. Further, if you are looking to explore the beauty of Vietnam with your loved ones, then you should apply for the tourist visa.

Vietnam E-Visa For Australian
December 18, 2019

Australian passport holders allowed to travel most of the countries without any visa. Therefore, the Australian passport is one of the strongest passports in the world.