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“Update Oct 01, 2020 ” Vietnam has resumed visa?

Vietnam government’s notice (update 01-10-2020): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visas, consulate visas, and landing visas.

At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application. However, it can only be confirmed by the virus situation, so please email for the updated visa information: If there is any new information, we will inform you immediately!

Vietnam has resumed visa?

Vietnam has resumed the visa?

Recently, there are some news reports that from July 1, 2020, Vietnam will allow citizens of 80 countries/regions to apply for e-visa, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Chinese passport citizens.

Please note that this is only a new law passed in November last year, and it has been in effect since July. (the 80 pilot countries that we’re able to apply for e-visa in the past have been changed to be formal since July). It has not been said that visa processing will resume in July.

With regard to the resumption of visa processing for Vietnam, the Vietnamese government will consider resuming visa processing for some security countries first. However, we have to wait for information, so please don’t worry. I will inform you immediately when we will resume processing.



Vietnam government’s notice (update 2020-10-01): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visa, consulate visa, and landing visa. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

South Koreans in Vietnam with expired Vietnamese visas will be subject to administrative sanctions, much more serious than deportation from Vietnamese territory. This will have an adverse effect on your next return to Vietnam.

1/ Vietnam E-visa fees:  Visa fee: 40 USD, including service fee + visa fee (guarantee to receive a visa within two working days, and refund if visa fails). Emergency + 15 USD (received within one working day) Visa valid: 30 days, single entry.

1 / Visa on arrival (Landing visa) fees: Fill in the visa application form online: https://www.vietnam-visa.

Guidelines for landing visa in Vietnam: A landing visa can be used for any foreign citizen. The following visa fees are specially given to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.

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