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How to conduct COVID-19 test and cost when “Vietnam reopens international routes” – Consider shortening the isolation time

According to the Ministry of health, the cost reported by the existing testing service providers at the airport is VND 734,000 per sample, equivalent to the insurance premium currently paid.

20,000 passengers are expected to enter Vietnam in October when Vietnam “reopens the sky” and international routes with Japan, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Cambodia, and Laos are resumed in the near future.

Now, the most important thing is to organize the COVID-19 test and how to isolate passengers on arrival to avoid new outbreaks. In particular, how to test and isolate to ensure convenient and acceptable testing costs. One of the goals of the medical industry is to demand fast, cheap, and accurate.

1 / Qualified for COVID-19 test

Since September 15, three enterprises have been invited to provide COVID-19 testing services at the airport. One of the companies said that they are fully capable of providing services at all airports and border ports. At present, they can return 5,000 COVID-19 test results every hour, 50,000 samples per day, and 250,000 results per day in the future.

In the first phase, with 20,000 visitors a week, the company can respond immediately, as long as the airport provides space for the establishment of laboratories and secondary biosafety cabinets. About the test results, the enterprise said that between 6 hours, the customer will get the test results.

However, enterprises wishing to participate in this service must participate in the bidding of large organizations here to select qualified suppliers with the most appropriate price.

How to conduct COVID-19 test and cost when “Vietnam reopens international routes” 

2/Shorten isolation time

According to Mr. Nguyen Truong Son, Vice Minister of Health of Vietnam, a testing service provider announced that it would charge a fee of 734,000 Dong/sample at the airport, equivalent to the premium to be paid.

“However, if the sample mixing method is allowed for testing, it will be cheaper and cheaper.” Mr. Nguyen Truong Son said. The sample mixing method is to mix five patient samples of five people into the test once.

Last weekend, the authorities held a meeting and the Ministry of preventive medicine (MOH) presented many options. In particular, it is recommended that the period of isolation be shortened for people entering from six cities/regions, including Seoul (South Korea), Guangzhou (China), Tokyo (Japan), Taiwan, Cambodia, and Laos. The trading time with the panel has been reduced to 5-7 days, and companies can conduct business, cooperate, and promote investment and trade (after the test results show negative results), instead of being isolated for 14 days as now. In particular, Vietnamese citizens returning home were normally quarantined for 14 days.

Consider shortening the isolation time

For people from other cities in the above countries/regions, the Ministry of Health also recommends the application of a separate isolation scheme, but if passengers have moved to these six cities/regions within a week and then go to Vietnam (the test results show negative results). Can be the same isolation with Tokyo, Guangzhou, Taiwan, etc group.

In addition, passengers must also take preventive measures, such as wearing masks, often washing hands, do not go to crowded places.


Passengers entering Vietnam should be quarantined at the hotel for 5 days, during which time they will be checked again. During the meeting, Minister Mai Tien Dung said that the isolation range of accommodation places for foreigners and Vietnamese people should be expanded.

Covid-19: from September 1, 2020, quarantine and isolation fees will be charged to all people entering Vietnam. The prime minister appointed Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh to preside over the ministries: Foreign Affairs, public security, national defense, health, transportation, etc.

Vietnam business visa is issued to people who enter Vietnam for business trips, meetings, or visiting partners. Generally, applicants must have a Vietnamese guarantee company to obtain a business visa.

Vietnam plans to reopen six international routes from September 15. According to the plan just proposed by the Vietnam Aviation Administration to resume regular international flights to Vietnam, flights between Vietnam and China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Laos, and Cambodia are based on gender frequency.

1. What documents do you need to prepare to go to Vietnam? A valid 6-month passport and a valid visa for Vietnam are required (Vietnamese visa can be applied in advance or on arrival).