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Since September 15, Vietnam has reopened six international routes. Who can enter?

The Ministry of Transport has officially reported to the prime minister the plan to reopen the six international routes and has proposed plans for quarantine charges.

According to the proposed plan of Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Administration, the Ministry of Transport reported to the government today (September 4) that the allocation of six international routes would be restored, and the incidence of landing at the same place every day would be minimized.

As a result, flights from Vietnam to China, Japan, and South Korea will be reopened from September 15. Flights to Taiwan, Cambodia, and Laos will reopen from September 22.

In addition to diplomats and civil servants, immigration also applies to Vietnamese citizens working in countries such as Japan and South Korea who wish to return home. Foreign experts, skilled workers, investors, and key project personnel.

Therefore, the opening of international routes has not yet been applied to foreign tourists.

In terms of quarantine requirements, all passengers must be quarantined for 14 days after completion of immigration procedures, and at least two negative tests should be conducted during the quarantine period.

Foreigners are responsible for testing and isolation fees:

After the completion of immigration procedures, foreign experts, skilled workers, investors, and key project personnel who stay in Vietnam for more than 14 days must be isolated according to government regulations. According to the guidelines of COVID-19 in the prevention and fight against the epidemic, foreign experts, investors, and skilled workers, etc Working in Vietnam.

Foreigners bear all the costs of testing and isolation when check-in in Vietnam (free testing for Vietnamese citizens).

The Ministry of Transport proposed that the prime minister instructs the Ministry of health to declare mandatory medical quarantine requirements (temperature check, medical declaration, wearing masks, hand disinfectants, download Bluezone App…) Passengers enter the country through special passages and are then sent directly to the quarantine area.

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The people’s Committee, which is close to Hanoi’s capital and Ho Chi Minh City, announced that, according to regulations, fee isolation facilities should be arranged for foreigners.


Vietnam plans to reopen six international routes from September 15. According to the plan just proposed by the Vietnam Aviation Administration to resume regular international flights to Vietnam, flights between Vietnam and China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Laos, and Cambodia are based on gender frequency.

1. What documents do you need to prepare to go to Vietnam? A valid 6-month passport and a valid visa for Vietnam are required (Vietnamese visa can be applied in advance or on arrival).

According to the content of the notice, foreign citizens who enter Vietnam with visa-free entry, electronic visa entry, or tourist visa entry from March 1, 2020 can “automatically extend their temporary residence right” until August 31, 2020. Foreign citizens can leave Vietnam before August 31 without a visa extension.

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