Vietnam government’s notice (update 2020-10-01): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visa, consulate visa, and landing visa. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 01-10-2020): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visas, consulate visas, and landing visas. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

베트남 민 항 총 국 의 계획 에 따 르 면 운송 부 는 오늘 9 월 4 일 에 6 개 국제 선 분 배 를 회복 하고 매일 같은 장소 에서 착륙 하 는 발생 률 을 최저 로 낮 출 것 이 라 고 정부 에 보고 했다. 이에 따라 9 월 […]

10月1日を更新します: 現在は無限停止します。ベトナムはまだ着地ビザと電子ビザを回復していません。

For foreign citizens who want to know where or how long it will take to extend their Vietnamese visa, please refer to this article. Where to apply for Vietnam visa renewal? Foreigners applying for the extension of Vietnamese visas need to take their documents to the Immigration Bureau of the province (city) directly under the […]

Foreigners who want to study and work in Vietnam for a long time need a temporary residence card. What are the conditions for issuing TRC to foreigners? What is the procedure for applying for a TRC? Join us and find it quickly through the following articles!

South Koreans in Vietnam with expired Vietnamese visas will be subject to administrative sanctions, much more serious than deportation from Vietnamese territory. This will have an adverse effect on your next return to Vietnam.

If you want to renew your visa in Da Nang (or apply for a renewal visa extension in Vietnam), please contact us at

Visa extension will mean you can stay in Vietnam longer without having to leave. The period of extension allowed will depend on the visa you have already obtained.

1/ Vietnam E-visa fees:  Visa fee: 40 USD, including service fee + visa fee (guarantee to receive a visa within two working days, and refund if visa fails). Emergency + 15 USD (received within one working day) Visa valid: 30 days, single entry.

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