Vietnam visa extension

The fastest way to apply for a Vietnam visa extension in Ho Chi Minh city (travel visa, business visa, study visa…)

If you want to renew your visa in Da Nang (or apply for a renewal visa extension in Vietnam), please contact us at The service personnel of this website will give you a quotation.

Materials required: your passport + original visa.

Processing time: 7 working days (emergency service: 2 working days).

1 / what is the Vietnam visa extension?

Foreign tourists/businessmen may need to extend their visa to stay in Vietnam for a longer period of time allowed to enter Vietnam. As a result, the Vietnam visa extension service has been very popular, helping foreign customers stay in Vietnam after their visa expires without having to leave Vietnam to apply for a new visa. At present, Vietnam visa extension/renewal is only applicable for one or three months (single/multiple entries).

2 / can I apply for a Vietnam visa extension in Vietnam?

To support our customers in Vietnam, The Vietnamese visa extension / Renewal Service has been developed. No matter where you are in Vietnam, you can handle your visa.
To extend/renew your visa through our company, please follow these steps:
Step 1: scan your passport and the page containing your current Vietnamese visa, stamp your entry, and send it to us via email:
Step 2: we will inform you of the Vietnam visa extension fee and whether you can extend/renew your visa. Due to the extension of the Vietnamese visa, the visa for each case is different. For travel, business, or family visit visas, we can only issue the original passport and visa to us.


Visa extension will mean you can stay in Vietnam longer without having to leave. The period of extension allowed will depend on the visa you have already obtained.

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According to the content of the notice, foreign citizens who enter Vietnam with visa-free entry, electronic visa entry, or tourist visa entry from March 1, 2020 can “automatically extend their temporary residence right” until August 31, 2020. Foreign citizens can leave Vietnam before August 31 without a visa extension.