Vietnam visa extension

2024 How many times can Vietnam tourist visa be extended?

Visa extension will mean you can stay in Vietnam longer without having to leave. The period of extension allowed will depend on the visa you have already obtained.

For example, a tourist visa can be extended for one or three months.

Foreign tourists who come to Vietnam can directly go to the Vietnamese Immigration Department to apply for visa extension or through travel agencies or agency companies.

Latest news: On August 15, 2023, the Vietnamese government extended the validity of e-visas to 90 days. Apply right now on this link. Moreover, you can stay Vietnam for up to 90 days with multiple-entry.

The cost is about $90 to $125, depending on your nationality.

Visitors who apply for a three-month visa extension are also charged by nationality, which costs about $250-335.

Many agencies can help you with this process is one of them. You can also go directly to the immigration department. When you submit your application, you must submit a Passport resume page, current visa, immigration seal, last entry date, the port of entry, and details of your current stay in Vietnam.

The extension will take about 7-10 working days.

Note: not citizens of any country can apply for a visa extension. Please contact the immigration department or the agency in advance.

2021 How many times can Vietnam tourist visa be extended?

How many times can a tourist visa (DL) be extended?

At present, it can be extended 3-4 times. But the cost of each extension is different. So please ask in advance before extending your visa.

Visitors who want to check whether your visa is available for visa extension and ask about the cost please contact us:


If you want to renew your visa in Da Nang (or apply for a renewal visa extension in Vietnam), please contact us at

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According to the content of the notice, foreign citizens who enter Vietnam with visa-free entry, electronic visa entry, or tourist visa entry from March 1, 2020 can “automatically extend their temporary residence right” until August 31, 2020. Foreign citizens can leave Vietnam before August 31 without a visa extension.