Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam Visa Requirements for Dutch

A trip to Vietnam requires a lot more than initial planning like budget, traveling days, places to visit, and more to explore Vietnam. Thus, the primary thing requires for a Vietnam travel is a valid Vietnam visa for the Dutch citizens.

A Dutch resident requires a valid Vietnam visa to travel the country. There are three essential options available for the Dutch’s are as follows:

  • Visa on Arrival visa type,
  • The electronic visa type, and
  • Applying for Visa from the Vietnam embassy in Netherland.

All About the Vietnam Electronic visa (E-visa)

The e-Visa for Vietnam can be applied by the site of the Vietnamese immigration service department by finishing an application structure. And you can also pre-pay the visa fee as of now USD 25, as indicated by the directions on the site. The Dutch residents will, at that point, get an individual code to keep an eye on the website for the status of the application.And for the printing of the E-visas when the e-visa has been given.

The Vietnamese immigration service department can give an e-visa for a stay of 30 days with a single passage. Therefore, for an extended stay or multiple entry requirement, you have to apply for the Visa on arrival or Visa at the Vietnam embassy office in Netherland.

The e-visa is substantial for 28 entry ports, including the air terminals of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can find the detailed list of border-crossing where e-visa is valid from the Vietnam immigration department website.

How to apply Vietnam Visa on arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival is also an online visa type. It is an alternative approach to acquire a visa to enter Vietnam.

You have to fill an online form for applying for your Visa on arrival. After finishing your online application form and paying the initial visa fee. Thus, after submitting your form. You will receive your approval letter by means of email in 30 minutes to 2 business days depends upon your visa processing type.

It is further advised to take a copy of your Approval Letter. It needs to carry along with you for your travel to Vietnam. The online Visa on arrival applies to air travelers who land at one of Vietnam’s international air terminals. Thus, the visitors who are entering Vietnam via land ports or seaports cannot apply the VOA visa type. As they have to apply for a visa through a Vietnam Embassy or e-visa.

At the point when you land in Vietnam international airport, the Immigration officials will issue the Visa on arrival quickly. Thus, you only have to present your visa approval letter and other essential documents to the immigration authorities at the airport.

Steps to obtain your Vietnam visa on arrival

  • Fill the appropriate required fields on the online form.
  • Add your name precisely as it is written in your passport.
  • Fill your date of birth as DD/MM/YYYY
  • Write your nationality or Passport information details like your passport number, expiry date, and more.
  • Provide your travel details like your arrival date and more.

You must carry a passport size photographs at Vietnam air terminals to acquire a VOA. Thus, the whole process may take around 2-3 business days to receive your visa approval letter in the VOA type. It also depends upon the visa processing you have selected.

Applying for Visa from the Vietnam embassy In Netherland

I believe most of you are well-known to this visa type option. If you are a regular traveler, then you must have applied for a visa from the embassy of any country. It is one of the common visa types. So while applying for the Vietnam visa, you have the option of applying for your advance visa.

But with the Visa on arrival and e-visa options, you will get the more feasible options.It allows you to skip the need to visit the Vietnam embassy in the Netherlands.

Visa at the embassy is an efficient visa option that allows you easily obtain your Vietnam visa. You have to visit the Vietnam embassy near you in Netherland or any other place in the world.

Apply for the Visa at the embassy only if you are living near to the embassy office.And if you are living far from the consulate office, then it would be a costly and time-consuming affair for you to choose from.

The visa processing time via Visa at the embassy may take around 4-5 business days to obtain the Vietnamese Visa. It is valid on all the entry points and is also applicable for all visa types to enter Vietnam.

The visa consulate officer at the embassy office will guide you towards the visa application procedure. And they also provide you the applicable visa fee for your visa type.

Vietnam e-visa for UK citizen
December 23, 2019

British passport holders are allowed to enter the Vietnam visa-free for the maximum stay of up to 15 days. Thus, it implies that as a British passport holder, you are on the exemption list of Vietnam Visa-free countries.

Russia is known as the largest country in the world, which covers more than 1/8th of the earth’s inhabited total land area. Therefore, being the largest country, the country enjoys a lot of privileges around the world.

Czech citizens are eligible to apply for the Vietnam e-visa. Therefore, there are three valid visa options available for the Czech passport holders such as: Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in the Czech Republic, also called an offline visa type.

Germany is on the exemption list of Vietnam visa requirements. If any German citizen is traveling to Vietnam for a stay, which is less than 15 days, then it will be a Visa-free entry.

Vietnam e-Visa For Koreans
December 18, 2019

Vietnam is a significant tourist destination for South Koreans. And you may also find the frequent and the most economical flights between the two nations, which make the travel even more convenient for South Korean citizens.

Polish citizens are required to apply for the Vietnam visa depending upon their purpose of visiting Vietnam. Further, if you are looking to explore the beauty of Vietnam with your loved ones, then you should apply for the tourist visa.

Vietnam E-Visa For Australian
December 18, 2019

Australian passport holders allowed to travel most of the countries without any visa. Therefore, the Australian passport is one of the strongest passports in the world.

Vietnam E-Visa For Belgian
December 18, 2019

Belgium passport holders are not on the Vietnam visa-free exemption list. Thus, Belgian’s are required to obtain a Vietnam visa to enter the country for business and tourism purposes.

China is one of the immediate neighbors of Vietnam, and both countries share their land borders. Thus, the citizens of both countries can easily travel between the same.