Vietnam e-visa

How To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa For Chinese

China is one of the immediate neighbors of Vietnam, and both countries share their land borders. Thus, the citizens of both countries can easily travel between the same.

If you are a Chinese passport holder and planning a trip to Vietnam either for tourism or business purpose. Thus, to be clear, you have to apply for a Vietnam visa as china is not on the exemption list of Vietnam. Here we will talk about the visa options available for the Chinese residents to visit Vietnam.

Go the Traditional Way with Vietnam Visa at the Embassy

One of the popular visa options available for Chinese residents is to apply for the Vietnam visa at the embassy.

Chinese residents can apply for their Vietnam visa by visiting the Vietnam embassy in China. You have to process your visa application by personally visiting the embassy office. The Vietnam visa experts will guide you through the process of applying for the Vietnam visa and also provides you the visa fee structure. Thus, follow the guidelines provided by the embassy office to obtain your Visa.

The Visa at the embassy will take around 5-6 days to get the Vietnam visa. And it also allows you to visit the embassy at least two times (for passport submission and another one for collecting your Visa with passport).

Other than this, a visa at the embassy procedure is a time-consuming process that requires your extra time and money. But in case you want to visit Vietnam with a fully valid and in advance visa, then it is an excellent option to choose from. Further, if time and money are not a matter of concern for you.

Let’s Talk about the Most Accessible Visa Type, Visa on Arrival

You must have heard about the Vietnam VOA (Visa on arrival). It is one of the most simple and easiest visa options for you to travel to Vietnam. The only compulsion on this visa type is that it is only applicable if you are traveling via air.

It is a kind of instant visa option applicable to many nations. You even can apply for your Visa on the rush or super rush visa options, which make you receive the Visa within few hours of applying.

In the standard procedure, it also will only take around 1-2 days to receive a visa approval letter. It is not an actual visa that you will receive before your travel. The real visa will be given after landing at the Vietnam international airport.

Application to apply for the VOA to process your application is easily available over internet.

You have to fill the online visa application to get an approval letter in your email in as meager as 60 minutes, up to two business days. At that point, you only have to present your passport with the visa approval letter at the immigration office at the Vietnam airport. And then, you will get your visa stamp and travel or business visa to explore Vietnam.

Thus, if you want a simple and quick visa, then VOA is the best and convenient option for you.

Try the Latest one- Vietnam E-Visa

Vietnam e-visa is also an excellent option for those who want to cross the land borders to visit Vietnam. The Vietnam visa for Chinese passport holders can be applied online through the official site of the Vietnam immigration department. It makes the procedure simple for all and maintains a strategic distance from the problem of visiting the Vietnam embassy office.

The online strategy enables the Chinese applicants to get the Vietnam e-visa by means of email as a PDF file after endorsement. Further, take a print of your Visa to present at the Vietnam entry points along with your valid passport.

In this manner, every Chinese resident is required to apply for the e-visa to enter Vietnam. The standard applies to all the Chinese nationals holding either Hong Kong or Macau passport.

For the land border, crossing the Chinese will be having three options to cross the land borders with the Vietnam e-visa:

  • Dong Xing – Mong Cai border crossing
  • Ping Xian – Friendship border crossing
  • Hekou – Lao Cai border crossing

All these above-mentioned border crossings are situated in the northeast region of Vietnam. Other than these entry ports, the Vietnam e-visa is valid for the certain 28 entry points to Vietnam. Vietnam’s e-Visa is a single entry visa approved for a maximum of 30 days. The whole process takes a minimum of three full working days to receive e-visa. The e-Visa fee is around 25 USD for a single entry one-month visa type.

Documents required to apply Vietnam Visa for Chinese residents

Vietnam visa requirements are as follows:

  • A valid Chinese passport
  • Minimum two passport size photographs in a .jpg format.
  • Internationally valid Credit or debit card.
  • Valid email address for future communication and other support purposes.
  • Temporary address of your stay in Vietnam. (Details of Accommodation like hotel etc.).

The Vietnamese government has made the visa procedure quite simple for travelers around the world. The government has made some special exemptions to the Asians countries.

Vietnam Government lately has made some essential and effective changes in their visa rules. It helps in attracting more travelers around the world to visit Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam Immigration Department, all the UAE passport holders required to obtain a Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam. UAE is not on the exemption list of Vietnam.

New Zealand passport is probably one of the strongest passports in the world. It allows the passport holders to travel the number of nations without a visa.

Vietnam is a great tourist destination and a promising business sector for organizations. It is one of the most popular destinations among the French explorers around South East Asia.

Vietnam is an amazing tourist destination around the world, and its exotic beauty fascinates travelers. Vietnam offers you the beautiful green rice fields in the north to the intriguing clamor of Mekong Delta in the south.

Escape the thrilling Europe winters by visiting Vietnam, the most exciting and beautiful tropical country. And luckily, if you are holding an Italian passport, then you don’t have to apply for any visa (if your stay is less than 15 days to Vietnam).