Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for Czech Citizens

Czech citizens are eligible to apply for the Vietnam e-visa. Therefore, there are three valid visa options available for the Czech passport holders such as:

  • Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in the Czech Republic, also called an offline visa type.
  • Obtain the Vietnam visa on arrival, an online visa application mode for single, or multiple entries.
  • The Vietnam E-Visa, an online mode for the single entry.

Vietnam Electronic Visa (Vietnam e-visa) – Online single entry visa type

The legal requirements for the Czech Republic explorers to apply for the e-visa are as follows:

  • Holding a legitimate passport
  • Not a Vietnam National
  • Not falling into the instances of suspension from entry recommended in Article 21 of Law on Foreigners.

The Czech visa applicants fulfill the above guideline can make an application for the Vietnam e-visa. They should pursue 3 stages beneath:

  • Complete the online form from the Vietnam immigration department website and submit the same.
  • Get the application acknowledgment and pay the applicable visa charge with your credit/debit card or PayPal account;
  • Use the acknowledgment to check the status of your application. Receive your approved e-visa in your mail from the immigration department in an attached PDF file.

Thus, print off e-visa and utilize the same at your mentioned entry points. A PDF document of the visa will be sent to the approved visa applicants to print off and use at the recommended 28 entry points. The e-visa procedure will take around 3-4 days of processing time.

Applicable fees for Vietnam e-visa –

Purpose of visit Visa type Visa fee Additional stamp fee
Tourist Single entry for one month




Business $55

Apply for a visa at the Vietnam embassy in the Czech Republic; also called an offline visa type

You can try this offline visa type option. Thus, the procedure is a bit complicated than the other visa types. It allows you to apply for your Vietnam visa at the Czech Republic Vietnam embassy or consulate office.

How to apply Vietnam, visa at the embassy:

  • Submit your Czech passport and all the other relevant documents to the Vietnamese Consulate in the Czech Republic.
  • Pay the applicable visa fee
  • And obtain your approved visa with the passport within 5-6 days of submitting your visa application.

It’s not an ideal option if you are living far from the embassy office. Because it’s inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly visa type than other types.

Apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) – an online visa application mode for single, or multiple entries.

It is the most appropriate visa type for the Czech explorers who are going to visit Vietnam. It’s an easy process to apply for the visa on arrival as it is cheap and quicker than other visa types.

With the VOA, you are allowed to enter Vietnam by any of the 7 Vietnam international airports. VOA is only valid if you travel via air only.

The visa type is easy as you need to fill an online application form accessible at the official site with all your necessary details like,

  • Complete name, same as written in your passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality as expressed in your Passport
  • Passport number and details
  • Your travel details

After submitting your online form, you have to wait for 1-2 working days to receive your approval letter. Thus, you can carry the approval letter along with other essential documents to get your visa stamp after arriving at the Vietnam international airport.

In case you require an emergency visa, then you can apply on an emergency basis, where you will able to receive your approval letter within 30 minutes to 4 hours by paying some extra visa fees.

Applicable fees for Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA)

Purpose of visit Visa type Visa fee Additional stamp fee
Tourist Single entry (one month) $6 $25
Business Single entry (one month) $75 $25
Tourist Single entry (three months) $15 $25
Business Single entry (three months) $55 $25
Tourist Multiple entry (one month) $8 $50
Business Multiple entry (one month) $80 $50
Tourist Multiple entry (three months) $20 $50
Business Multiple entry (three months) $90 $50
Tourist Multiple entry (six months) NA NA
Business Multiple entry (six months) NA NA
Tourist Multiple entry (six months) NA NA
Business Multiple entry (six months) NA NA

Quick review among three visa types for Czech passport holders

Particulars Visa on arrival Local embassy issued visa Evisa
Issuing authority Immigration Department (Vietnam) Vietnam Embassy in Czech Republic Immigration Department (Vietnam)
Minimum processing time 1-2 working days or within 2 hours in case of any emergency 3 to  5 working days 2 to 3 working days
Visa Processing fee From $6 which excludes the stamp fee From US$67 to US$95 US $35
Additional fees Applicable stamping fee starting from US $25 Postal cost, driving, and parking fees None
Original Passport submission required NA Required Not required


Vietnam e-visa for UK citizen
December 23, 2019

British passport holders are allowed to enter the Vietnam visa-free for the maximum stay of up to 15 days. Thus, it implies that as a British passport holder, you are on the exemption list of Vietnam Visa-free countries.

Russia is known as the largest country in the world, which covers more than 1/8th of the earth’s inhabited total land area. Therefore, being the largest country, the country enjoys a lot of privileges around the world.

A trip to Vietnam requires a lot more than initial planning like budget, traveling days, places to visit, and more to explore Vietnam. Thus, the primary thing requires for a Vietnam travel is a valid Vietnam visa for the Dutch citizens.

Germany is on the exemption list of Vietnam visa requirements. If any German citizen is traveling to Vietnam for a stay, which is less than 15 days, then it will be a Visa-free entry.

Vietnam e-Visa For Koreans
December 18, 2019

Vietnam is a significant tourist destination for South Koreans. And you may also find the frequent and the most economical flights between the two nations, which make the travel even more convenient for South Korean citizens.

Polish citizens are required to apply for the Vietnam visa depending upon their purpose of visiting Vietnam. Further, if you are looking to explore the beauty of Vietnam with your loved ones, then you should apply for the tourist visa.

Vietnam E-Visa For Australian
December 18, 2019

Australian passport holders allowed to travel most of the countries without any visa. Therefore, the Australian passport is one of the strongest passports in the world.

Vietnam E-Visa For Belgian
December 18, 2019

Belgium passport holders are not on the Vietnam visa-free exemption list. Thus, Belgian’s are required to obtain a Vietnam visa to enter the country for business and tourism purposes.

China is one of the immediate neighbors of Vietnam, and both countries share their land borders. Thus, the citizens of both countries can easily travel between the same.