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Vietnam visa on arrival service for foreign experts with the lowest price

At present, with the recovery and development of the economy, the whole country has entered a new stage of prevention and control of epidemic covid-19. More and more technical experts, skilled workers, and business managers want to work in Vietnam.

At present, all people entering Vietnam must be quarantined for at least 14 days, and then continue for 14 days under medical supervision to ensure that the community is not infected.

The departments that invite experts to participate in the work must ensure that the experts have detected sars-cov-2 through real-time PCR technology for three to seven days before entering Vietnam.

The sars-cov-2 test must be carried out in a government-approved laboratory or a WHO laboratory system.

Experts with international insurance or institutions, organizations inviting experts bear the cost of covid-19 treatment. The expert inviting unit is responsible for ensuring the safety of covid-19 epidemic prevention and control when inviting experts.

Procedures for letters of application for foreigners entering Vietnam:

Foreign nationality: USA, Europe, Asia, Australia

Visa type: business visa 3 months single entry (DN) – with a company guarantee

Vietnam visa on arrival service for foreign experts with the lowest price

Latest application documents:

The customer and the guarantee company provide the following documents:

  • Guarantee company: scan The business license.
  • For customers: scan the passport (valid for more than 6 months, with two blank pages).

The procedures for visa approval are as follows:
After you send the documents, we will prepare the following materials and send them to your guarantee company (by email), including the following documents: document approval, Ministry of labor; Committee’s application documents; Department of health application documents, etc
With the permission of the Ministry of health and local departments. We continue to prepare articles and apply for visa approval from the immigration department.

Visa approval fee: from $650 (excluding $25 for a visa stamp at Vietnam airport).

If you want to apply for visa approval in Vietnam, please contact us:

If you have any questions, please email:
Wechat/LINE: vietnam-visa


Updated October 12, 2020:  all people who come to Vietnam are required to take the isolation for 14 days. How to apply for a Vietnam business visa? At present, foreign experts who have Vietnam guarantee companies can apply for a Vietnamese business visa.

At present, the Vietnamese border is still closed, and the government has not specified when it will open again. There is so much information recently that many tourists don’t think that information is reliable.

According to the regulations of the Immigration Bureau, foreigners’ overstaying will be subject to administrative sanctions for violating the social security order or even be blacklisted. If you are on the blacklist of the Vietnam Immigration Bureau, your next visit to Vietnam becomes more complicated and difficult and even refused entry.

As you know, the Vietnam landing visa is one of the visas issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau, which aims to help foreign tourists save more time and money. However, applicants sometimes feel a bit uneasy about some of the drawbacks of getting a visa only when they arrive in Vietnam.

1 / Airport support services (fast track service) The service helps passengers get a visa and stamp quickly at the Vietnamese airport without having to queue up. It is to avoid wasting valuable passengers’ time when arriving at the airport, especially on long-distance flights.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 2020-10-01): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visa, consulate visa, and landing visa. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 01-10-2020): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visas, consulate visas, and landing visas. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.