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Do I need a visa to transit through Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat’s Airport? What can be done in transit?

Do I need a visa to transit through Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat Airport?

With the exception of countries on the visa-free list, all foreign passport holders visiting Vietnam require a Vietnamese visa. If you transit in Vietnam, please refer to the following situations:

  • If you only stay in Vietnam for a few hours (less than 6 hours) and plan to stay only in the transit zone waiting for the next flight, you do not need a Vietnamese visa. Tan Son Nhat airport and Noi Bai airport provide comfortable sleep service and good food and drink for transit passengers who have not entered Vietnam (if there are materials to prove that you only transit in Vietnam, it is better to ask in advance whether the air flight needs a visa, and some air flights need to have a Vietnamese visa before boarding).
  • If you stay in Vietnam for more than 6 hours or intend to visit Vietnam, you must obtain a Vietnamese visa. In this case, the most suitable visa for you is the arrival visa to Vietnam, which allows you to enter Vietnam once in a month.
    Please apply online in advance and wait for visa approval two working days later (one hour for emergency service). Carefully check whether the information provided by you is the same as that on your passport. If there is an error, please ask them to change it immediately. Otherwise, you can’t get the landing visa at the airport of arrival.


Do I need a visa to transit through Vietnam’s Tan Son Nhat’s Airport? What can be done in transit?


It is recommended that you apply for a good visa one or two weeks before departure because it is much cheaper than using emergency requirements (for example, a single entry visa costs you $6 per person for a single entry a month, while $80 per person is required for the same emergency 2-hour visa). Once you get the visa approval letter, check all the information again and again, then print it out and get the visa seal at the landing visa counter. The minimum visa period is 30 days. Depending on the type of visa you choose, you can enter or exit one or more times (if you transit Vietnam more than twice in a month).

Online application for landing visa in Vietnam:


As you know, the Vietnam landing visa is one of the visas issued by the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau, which aims to help foreign tourists save more time and money. However, applicants sometimes feel a bit uneasy about some of the drawbacks of getting a visa only when they arrive in Vietnam.

1 / Airport support services (fast track service) The service helps passengers get a visa and stamp quickly at the Vietnamese airport without having to queue up. It is to avoid wasting valuable passengers’ time when arriving at the airport, especially on long-distance flights.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 2020-10-01): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visa, consulate visa, and landing visa. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

Vietnam government’s notice (update 01-10-2020): continue to stop all visas, including electronic visas, consulate visas, and landing visas. At present, We don’t know when to resume the visa application.

1/ Vietnam E-visa fees:  Visa fee: 40 USD, including service fee + visa fee (guarantee to receive a visa within two working days, and refund if visa fails). Emergency + 15 USD (received within one working day) Visa valid: 30 days, single entry.

1 / Visa on arrival (Landing visa) fees: Fill in the visa application form online: https://www.vietnam-visa.

Guidelines for landing visa in Vietnam: A landing visa can be used for any foreign citizen. The following visa fees are specially given to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.

Covid-19: from September 1, 2020, quarantine and isolation fees will be charged to all people entering Vietnam. The prime minister appointed Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh to preside over the ministries: Foreign Affairs, public security, national defense, health, transportation, etc.

1. What documents do you need to prepare to go to Vietnam? A valid 6-month passport and a valid visa for Vietnam are required (Vietnamese visa can be applied in advance or on arrival).