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Vietnam Visa On Arrival For Indians

Indian passport holders need a visa in order to travel to Vietnam. Vietnam has recently allowed visa on arrival facility for all Indian passport holders, this special and swift facility is intended to boost tourism by making procedures hassle free and simple and lucid to understand and follow.

The Vietnam visa on arrival facility is applicable to all visa classes and that includes business and tourist and for different types like single entry and multiple entry as well. The visa on arrival facility however is available only on entry in Vietnam by air, all other modes of entry currently do not permit visa on arrival facility hence in case of arrival by sea/road/rail, you need to get in touch with your cruise operator or the concerned authority for further details.

Vietnam visa on arrival is highly recommended on TripAdvisor, LonelyPlannet Guidebook, and many travel forums,....even some embassy and consulate of Vietnam also offer Vietnam Visa On Arrival for their customers.

Unlike India Visa On Arrival, In order to get visa on arrival at international airport of Vietnam, you must get visa approval letter from Vietnam Immigration via a travel company or your partner in Vietnam. That is why we born to serve you.

We launched our Website Vietnam visa on arrival service in India from 2011 & You can believe that we have no way to go live if we do fake service or cheat your money.

Resource Box: If you are looking for a cheap and simple way to get Vietnam visa as an Indian passport holder, get it right here in the legitimate way.


Vietnam Visa Posts

  • How to Get Vietnam Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in India?
    How to Get Vietnam Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in India?

    Planning a trip to Vietnam? That’s nice as the beautiful South-East Asian country extends a warm welcome to the tourists with her several attractions and scenic vista- Vietnam offers great business opportunities as well. Now, irrespective of the purpose of visit to Vietnam, the government there has made it mandatory for every Indian citizen to come up with a valid Vietnam visa. You have to collect the Vietnam visa from the Vietnam Embassy office in India. The post here offers a brief on how to get Vietnam visa at embassy of Vietnam in India.

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  • Why Indians Should Choose Visa On Arrival Vietnam?
    Why Indians Should Choose Visa On Arrival Vietnam?

    Vietnam visa has been extended for many countries in the world. India is also part of the programme of visa on arrival but the two things which have to be noted is that you must have a passport that should be valid for 6 months minimum and when you are travelling by air. Two classifications of visa on arrival are tourist visa and business visa of Vietnam. The validity of tourist visa is of 1 month whereas business visa remains valid for 3 months according to the travel period that you mention. It is advisable to opt for visa on arrival for the time duration you want to stay in Vietnam for any purpose. 

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  • Reason to Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival
    Reason to Apply Vietnam Visa on Arrival

    Visa on arrival is an excellent opportunity for all the Indians as well as passengers from the other countries to apply for it since 2015 opens up avenues to go to Vietnam. Though there have been few changes according to the law of immigration of Vietnam. Visa on arrival scheme is still available. The basic procedure for applying for visa on arrival is the same that is to apply online in the first place after which you will get the approval letter in 1 or 2 days. There are many reasons for opting for visa on arrival due to the following reasons:

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  • Getting Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in India versus Visa on Arrival Vietnam
    Getting Visa at Embassy of Vietnam in India versus Visa on Arrival Vietnam

    Procuring visa via embassy and on arriving to Vietnam are two different ways by which you can get hold of. Indians who possess passport can apply for visa. The process of application for every nationality is different than the rest. The issuing unit to the procedure of procuring visa varies but if all is a smooth sail then there is no problem in getting the visa. Applying for the visa from a reliable source is expected and in both the cases- getting visa from the embassy or on arrival is a reliable source. 

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  • Express Vietnam visa for Indians
    Express Vietnam visa for Indians

    Express visa is related to urgent visa for Indians who want to procure the visa for Vietnam and other countries for that matter. There are some circumstances which are not controlled by you and to get rid of all those difficulties and problems you can avail express visa. Express visa falls under certain categories which are to get visa within few hours or get visa on arriving to Vietnam. All those passengers who come by air need visa to enter Vietnam for various purpose from business to tourist and student visa. Mistakes are a part of human life and if by chance if forget to apply for the visa in advance do not get tensed since express visa brings to you the finest of services. 

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