Vietnam e-visa

How To Get Vietnam E-Visa For Filipino

The Vietnamese government has made the visa procedure quite simple for travelers around the world. The government has made some special exemptions to the Asians countries.

Therefore, the Vietnam visa rules for Philippines passport holders are quite simple. Both Vietnam and the Philippines are the Asian countries, which imply the special Vietnam visa exemption rule for the Philippines. As per these rules, a Philippine passport holder is allowed to enter Vietnam without a visa for a stay of 21 days or less.

Being a Filipino and holding a Philippines passport, you may not be requiring any visa. Mainly, if your stay or trip is less than 20 days.

And if your stay is more than the exempted time-frame, then apply for the Vietnam visa as per your requirement.

The available Vietnam visa types available for Filipino are as follows:

  • Visa on arrival
  • Electronic Visa (Vietnam e-visa))
  • Visa at the embassy

Vietnam Visa at the Embassy for Filipino

We can call this one a traditional method of applying visa for any country. We are also quite familiar with this type of visa. You can get your visa by visiting the Vietnam embassy in the Philippines to apply for your visa.

Visit an embassy with your passport, a self-addressed envelope and visa fee, and other applicable documents. Submit your documents along with the duly filled application form. After submitting, you may receive your visa in 4-5 days or maximum in 7 days at your registered address. You will receive your approved visa along with your passport via the postal package.

Thus, the procedure is quite simple. At the same time, it’s not a feasible option for those who are living far from the embassy location. And it may also arise a chance of losing your documents in case your package is misplaced in transit. Other than this, the procedure is a bit lengthy and time-consuming than other visa modes.

In case, if you want to have an advance Vietnam visa before your Vietnam travel. Then Vietnam visa at the embassy is an effective visa option for you.

Vietnam E-visa for Filipino

E-visa is a new concept in the visa type. It is an electronic visa that can be applied from your system or phone. It is a visa that you will receive on your email address in a PDF sheet. Thus, you need to take a printout of the PDF file and have to carry during your travel to Vietnam.

Vietnam e-visa is a useful visa type if you want a single trip visa. It is also called a single entry visa, which is amiable for 1 to 3 months only.

You can apply for this visa type by logging into the Vietnam immigration department’s official website. After submitting the same, you will receive your visa within 3-4 working days via email.

Vietnam E-visa is completely valid and applicable to almost all entry points of the country. It is legally valid at the approved or listed 28 entry ports of the country. It includes airports, seaports, and land borders.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) for Filipino

Well, it is also called a preapproved visa type. VOA is a visa where you can travel without a valid visa. It implies that you don’t have to take a stamped visa along with you to travel to Vietnam. And you can board your flight with a preapproved visa letter.

And after arriving at any of the listed 7 Vietnam international airports, you have to visit the “Vietnam Landing Visa Office.” At the VOA counter, you will get your visa stamp on your passport to further enter Vietnam legally.

You can apply for the VOA by filling out the online form. After complying with the form requirements, you need to submit your form online. After the same, you will receive your visa confirmation email within 30 minutes to 2 hours of form submission.

Now, after submitting your application, you can expect your approved visa letter within 1-2 working days over your registered email. In case you need an emergency visa, then you can apply for the rush or super rush processing option. The option allows you to receive your visa within 2-4 hours also.

Also, keep in mind that while submitting your form, you also have to pay your visa fee along with your form. And after arriving at the Vietnam airport, you have to pay an additional fee, which is the visa stamping fee. Thus, you have to carry that additional visa fee along with you.

And more importantly, the Vietnam VOA for Filipino is only valid and applicable if you are traveling by airplane. VOA is only applicable if you enter Vietnam via Vietnam international airport.

Thus, VOA is one of the most favorable visa choices among Vietnam visitors. It is mainly because of its fast processing and easy availability than the other visa types.


China is one of the immediate neighbors of Vietnam, and both countries share their land borders. Thus, the citizens of both countries can easily travel between the same.

Vietnam Government lately has made some essential and effective changes in their visa rules. It helps in attracting more travelers around the world to visit Vietnam.

According to the Vietnam Immigration Department, all the UAE passport holders required to obtain a Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam. UAE is not on the exemption list of Vietnam.

New Zealand passport is probably one of the strongest passports in the world. It allows the passport holders to travel the number of nations without a visa.

Vietnam is a great tourist destination and a promising business sector for organizations. It is one of the most popular destinations among the French explorers around South East Asia.

Vietnam is an amazing tourist destination around the world, and its exotic beauty fascinates travelers. Vietnam offers you the beautiful green rice fields in the north to the intriguing clamor of Mekong Delta in the south.

Escape the thrilling Europe winters by visiting Vietnam, the most exciting and beautiful tropical country. And luckily, if you are holding an Italian passport, then you don’t have to apply for any visa (if your stay is less than 15 days to Vietnam).