Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa Need For Japanese

Vietnam Government lately has made some essential and effective changes in their visa rules. It helps in attracting more travelers around the world to visit Vietnam.

Japanese residents don’t generally require a visa to head out to Vietnam. Thus, the rule applies only if you are traveling to Vietnam for less than 14 days.

Further, if you are planning to stay for more than two weeks and if you require to visit Vietnam multiple times. Thus, you must apply for the Vietnam visa either for tourism or business purpose. You can apply a valid Vietnam visa for multi-month, three months, a half year, or one year.

Essential Requirements for Applying for the Vietnam Visa

All the Japanese’s residents must meet with the following criteria to apply for the Vietnam visa:

  • Must be holding a valid Japanese Passport ( should be valid for at least six months)
  • Must be having at least two blank pages in the Passport for visa stamping
  • Staying for more than 15 days in Vietnam

Vietnam Visa at the Embassy for Japanese

Applying for a visa with a Japanese Passport is a significant straight forward and very much streamlined procedure. For the residents of Japan who wish to visit Vietnam, there are loads of choices accessible.

The benefit of holding a Japanese passport is that the Vietnamese government and its Immigration office from conveying or applying for visas if remaining in Vietnam for a time of under 15 days have excluded Japanese residents.

This makes it a Visa-free nation to head out to while having a Japanese Passport. For periods in abundance of the stipulated 15 days, Japanese visa holders need to apply through the customary course of visiting and lining at the Vietnam embassy in Japan similarly as with some other countries.

In case, if you are living far from the location of Vietnam embassy in Japan, further if visiting the Vietnam embassy is not convenient for you due to any other reason than also you can opt for other visa types like e-visa or VOA. It is because the Visa at the embassy is quite a time-consuming process than the other feasible options.

Vietnam Visa On Arrival for Japanese

As we also mentioned above, about the need for a Vietnam visa if your stay exceeds 15 days. The Visa on arrival visa type is the most evident decision as it is conducive. And it also entails less administrative work.

Note that the Visa on Arrival is just accessible when entering the nation of Vietnam via air. And subsequently, not all different modes, primarily via seaport or land port as of now, offer the VOA. Whereas if you are entering Vietnam via cruise, then you have an option to apply for the leaf-loose Vietnam visa. Your cruise operator will communicate the applicable visa rules.

Thus, apply for your VOA with a genuine and credible online agency to get your pre-approved visa approval letter.

Start your Visa on arrival application by filling the online form with your details like your name, Passport details, and your travel dates. Along with the application, you also have to pay the required visa fee to process your visa application.

Carry the printout of your received visa approval letter and two photos and an appropriately filled NA1 form.

Further, the Japanese passport holders don’t have to apply for RUSH or URGENTLY visa for Vietnam since you do not require a visa for entering if you need to travel Vietnam for less than 15 days. You can enter Vietnam with visa-free arrangements first, and after meeting the exception days, you can apply for the Visa to extend or renew your stay in Vietnam.

Vietnam VOA applicable fee for Japanese :


Visa types tourist visa business visa Stamping fee charges
If staying less than 14 days
Single entry visa for 1 month $6 $75 $25
Multiple entry visa for 1 month $8 $80 $50
Single entry visa for 3 months $15 $85 $25
Multiple entry visa for 3 months $20 $90 $50

Vietnam E-Visa for Japanese

The Vietnam e-Visa is known as the single entry Vietnam visa that is considerable for 30 days, from the proposed date of travel that you referenced on your e-visa application. The Visa is given in the PDF file and is issued via your registered email ID.

Eighty-one countries are allowed to apply for this sort of Visa. Japan is one of them. The e-Visa is extraordinarily popular visa type in light of the fact that everything is done over the web.

It just takes around three business days to get the Visa, and you can enter through 28 ports in Vietnam. This sort of Visa is in like manner non-extendable. In the event that you have to stay in Vietnam for longer than 30 days, a visa on arrival will be the keen decision to select.


According to the Vietnam Immigration Department, all the UAE passport holders required to obtain a Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam. UAE is not on the exemption list of Vietnam.

New Zealand passport is probably one of the strongest passports in the world. It allows the passport holders to travel the number of nations without a visa.

Vietnam is a great tourist destination and a promising business sector for organizations. It is one of the most popular destinations among the French explorers around South East Asia.

Vietnam is an amazing tourist destination around the world, and its exotic beauty fascinates travelers. Vietnam offers you the beautiful green rice fields in the north to the intriguing clamor of Mekong Delta in the south.

Escape the thrilling Europe winters by visiting Vietnam, the most exciting and beautiful tropical country. And luckily, if you are holding an Italian passport, then you don’t have to apply for any visa (if your stay is less than 15 days to Vietnam).

Vietnam is a beautiful nation in Southeast Asia on the eastern edge of a peninsula, which is well-known as Indochina. Its neighbors incorporate China toward the north and Laos and Cambodia toward the west.

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