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How to buy a flight ticket from Hong Kong to Vietnam?

At present, Vietnam has resumed international flights with China, Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), and Taipei (Taiwan), but has not yet resumed the application for a Vietnamese visa.

At present, the best choice for Hong Kong citizens who want to come to Vietnam is to make a change. We can see that South Korea and Taipei have very good requirements for passengers taking off from Hong Kong and connecting in Korea and Taipei.

The following are the transfer requirements of the above two countries. We have a link (in English) attached to the original text. You can consider it.

Taiwan (Taipei)

Considering that transit passengers have been allowed at some airports in Hong Kong and Singapore, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) announced a plan concerning transit passengers during the COVID-19 pandemic under the principle of strict border control and eased domestic prevention measures. After the related discussion with relevant government agencies, the MOTC has decided to lift the transit ban at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, and transit passengers will be allowed at the airport starting from 00:00 Taipei Standard Time on June 25.

In order to minimize the risk of infection posed by transit passengers, related restrictions will be put into place. These restrictions include the following : (1) transit flights from or to China where COVID-19 continues to spread are excluded from the plan; (2) transit passengers are required to fly with the same airline (only Taiwan’s China Airlines and Eva Air and Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific are included in the transit plan, and the list of airline companies permitted will be reviewed based on the pandemic situation and implementation of the project.); and (3) transit passengers are required to leave Taiwan within eight hours. Control concerning transit passengers’ activity areas, routes, and separation from other people after disembarkation and other protective measures will also be implemented. Furthermore, meal arrangements and shopping activities of transit passengers will be monitored by designated airport personnel. The MOTC also has a response plan in place if a flight is delayed or passengers experience illness.


Korea (Seoul)

Transit Tour Information

  • All tours are temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 outbreak except inside-airport tour.
  • The passenger who is eligible to enter KOREA can join the tour. (If refused by Immigration Office, direct the question to the Ministry of Justice).
  • The passenger who has connecting flights from third countries to other third countries within 24 hours is qualified.
  • The passenger arrives at concourse must reach the registration desk at terminal 1 & 2 for yourself by using the shuttle train in the basement.
  • Tour programs may be modified without pre-notification.
  • The Space will be shared by the on-line reservations and new registrations by the rule of first come first served upon arrival.
  • Korean immigration does not allow multi-entry during one single trip to Korea.


For entry into Vietnam:

At present, all foreign passengers who want to enter Vietnam, whether they already have an APEC card or temporary residence card, must apply for Vietnamese visa approval and be guaranteed by Vietnamese companies.

Please click the link to learn more about visa processing: a guide for a business visa in Vietnam

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At present, all foreign citizens (including Korean citizens) who want to enter Vietnam need to take the following steps: Apply for landing visa approval in advance (with Vietnamese company guarantee). Submit PCR negative test result certificate 3 to 5 days before boarding (preferably within 72 hours).

List of hotels based on covid-19 prevention and recommendations for entry and isolation in Hanoi. If you want to apply for a business visa in Vietnam and book a hotel in isolation, please contact us: info@vietnam-visa.

At present, in the context of the worldwide rapid spread of the covid-19 epidemic and complex developments, at each citizen’s border port, airport It is necessary to implement the medical declaration. It not only limits the spread of the disease but also helps to protect the community.

An investment visa is a visa granted to foreign investors who establish or invest in Vietnam. The investment visa is marked by DT.

At present, foreign citizens who come to Vietnam for work and business trips need to apply for a Vietnamese business visa. However, because the virus situation is becoming more and more complex, all foreign citizens who come to Vietnam need to be guaranteed by Vietnamese companies.

At present, with the recovery and development of the economy, the whole country has entered a new stage of prevention and control of epidemic covid-19. More and more technical experts, skilled workers, and business managers want to work in Vietnam.