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Guidelines for a detailed medical declaration (MEDICAL DECLARATION FORM) at Vietnam airport

At present, in the context of the worldwide rapid spread of the covid-19 epidemic and complex developments, at each citizen’s border port, airport It is necessary to implement the medical declaration. It not only limits the spread of the disease but also helps to protect the community.

1. Why make a medical report?

According to the requirements of Vietnamese authorities, passengers need to visit the website of the Ministry of health before making a flight A mandatory e-medical declaration was made on.

Meanwhile, all passengers coming to Vietnam need to download the Bluezone app.

When you truthfully report your travel route, your health condition The new authorities can contact you to inform you if there is an epidemic in the area you have just passed.

If you’re from an endemic area like China, South Korea, or some European countries where thousands of people have been infected and hundreds of people have died of epidemics, then medical reporting is absolutely essential.

But if you are from an area where there is no epidemic, do you need a medical report? The answer is still “yes”. Because even if you come from an area where there is no epidemic, you will still come into contact with people from different areas or with public goods at the airport and on the plane during your trip. It is entirely possible for you to infect these sources. Because the incubation period of people infected with the covid-19 virus is up to 14 days (in some cases, the longest reported incubation period is 27 days), please do not be subjective when you see that you or others around you are normal.

Please follow the staff’s instructions and report carefully and honestly at the airport to protect yourself and take responsibility for the community and the state.

2. Guide the steps of the medical declaration at the airport:

  • Step 1: you will get a medical insurance statement on board. Please fill in the information. If you are not sure, please ask the stewardess on the plane.
  • Step 2: at the airport, you submit this form to the medical quarantine department of the airport. Any missing or incorrect information will be added.
  • Step 3: through the automatic temperature check door.
  • Step 4: declare information at the counter and isolate the disease.
  • Step 5: passengers go to the isolation area and wait
  • Step 6: Patients with positive test results will be treated. In other cases, participate in centralized isolation or send to the hotel for isolation.

3. Steps of electronic medical declaration:

The electronic medical declaration form of the airport is easy to understand and won’t waste your time. Airport staff will also guide passengers to declare in detail, so please rest assured.

The following are the steps to issue a medical statement under the guidance of the preventive medicine division of the Ministry of health:

  • Step 1: fill in personal information

Enter your full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, and passport number. This information is important and can be used by authorities to contact you if there is information about your health or epidemic in the area you visit.

  • Step 2: declare your itinerary

In this step, you need to clearly state the departure point, destination, departure date, and arrival date from exit to entry time. At the same time, you also need to specify the flight number and seat number (found on the ticket). If you are found to be positive for covid-19, this information is used to inform the quarantine area of the area you are traveling.


Guidelines for a detailed medical declaration (MEDICAL DECLARATION FORM) at Vietnam airport 1


  • Step 3: enter your address in Vietnam

You need to enter your address (home, hotel, as long as you stay regularly), phone number, and email. If other passengers are infected with the covid-19 virus, you will be contacted at this address.

  • Step 4: report health status and exposure history

You will choose to check the performance encountered or the area or person contacted within 14 days. If you are suspected of being infected, this information is important for screening and isolation. You will be protected and treated in time before your condition worsens.

  • Step 5: fill in the security code and submit the declaration

Enter your security code to confirm and press the button to send the statement.


Guidelines for a detailed medical declaration (MEDICAL DECLARATION FORM) at Vietnam airport 2


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At present, foreign citizens who come to Vietnam for work and business trips need to apply for a Vietnamese business visa. However, because the virus situation is becoming more and more complex, all foreign citizens who come to Vietnam need to be guaranteed by Vietnamese companies.

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