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2023 Vietnamese Landing Visas for Taiwanese Citizens – VISA GUIDE

From November 15, 2022, this website resumes applying for Vietnamese landing visas for Taiwanese citizens. What documents should Taiwan friends who want to travel to Vietnam prepare to apply for a landing visa? How much is it? How long does it take? Is the landing visa valid?

Currently, only a Vietnam tourist visa is resumed (for tourist purposes, one month of single entry). However, because Vietnam is not open to the outside world, Taiwan tourists who want to apply for landing visas and travel to Vietnam should prepare the following documents before applying for visas:

  • The hotel booking confirmation (if staying in friends’ homes, please send us their addresses in Vietnam);
  • Air ticket booking (required);
  • Passport scanning (required).

Once you have prepared the above materials, you can directly apply for landing visa approval on this website:

When applying for a visa, please fill in all your personal information and pay. After successful payment, you will receive a confirmation email containing your order number. At the same time, we will send you an email requesting supplementary documents. You can directly restore the confirmation email to upload the documents you have prepared: hotel booking, Flight booking (round-trip ticket), and your passport information page. After receiving all the documents, we will process your visa.

Please wait 7-10 working days after providing all the materials, and we will send you the visa approval and entry and exit form via email. Download all the attachments of the email and print them out. Fill out the entry and exit form.

Preparation: 2 photos with white background (photo requirements); Visa stamp: $25. Buy travel insurance (please ask the airlines if they have this requirement because they need to buy insurance when they travel to Vietnam, which costs about $20-30).

2023 Vietnamese Landing Visas for Taiwan Citizens – VISA GUIDE

When you flight please bring:

  • The original of your passport (the passport information and visa approval information must be the same);
  • Visa aprroval letter;
  • Completed entry and exit form (NA1 form);
  • Two photos;
  • Return flight ticket (it is also OK to keep it on the mobile phone, occasionally the customs will ask);
  • Visa stamp fee: US $25 (one-month single entry visa).

When you arrive at the airport, please go to the Visa On arrival office in Vietnam to provide the above article to get the Visa. This website has VIP service. If you want the service staff to help you handle this procedure when you arrive, you can also use this service: when you apply for a visa, you will see the VIP service (help you get a visa and then send it to the VIP door to enter Vietnam).

After receiving the Visa, please go to customs to show your Visa and enter Vietnam.