Vietnam e-visa 2023 vietnam visa 2023

How do Venezuelan citizens apply for a Vietnamese visa in Singapore?

Venezuelan tourists living in Singapore or departing from Singapore to Vietnam can apply online for a Vietnamese e-visa or pre-approved visa letter to receive a landing visa upon arrival.

Vietnamese landing visa (get a visa when Vietnam arrives at the Vietnam airport):

Landing visa (Visa on arrival) is a simple and convenient way to obtain a Vietnamese visa for foreign tourists (including Venezuelan citizens) who plan to arrive in Vietnam by air from Singapore. The process consists of four simple steps:

  1. Approval letter for online visa application:
  2. Receive the approval letter and entry/exit form via email within several days (emergency service: several working hours).
  3. Preparation: photos, entry and exit forms, stamp fees, and approval documents.
  4. When arriving at Vietnam Airport: show all the above documents and obtain a Vietnamese visa and stamp.

How do Venezuelan citizens apply for a Vietnamese visa in Singapore?

Vietnam Electronic Visa (Evisa):

In addition to applying for a Vietnamese landing visa, Venezuelan citizens can also apply for a Vietnamese electronic visa.

Vietnam e-visa is a visa applied for directly online. After the visa is successful, the applicant will receive a PDF version of the electronic visa. After receiving the Evisa, it will be printed directly to enter Vietnam with your passport.

Please note:

  • The fee for Evisa already includes all the fees. You don’t need to pay any fees when you arrive.
  • You must select the correct port of entry when applying for an Evisa.

The applicant can apply for Evisa on The official website or apply for an Evisa service on our website. The process consists of two simple steps:

  • Fill in Evisa application form online: (Select Evisa). After successful payment, we will send you an email to check your information.
  • We will send Evisa to you via email, and Please print it out and use it to enter Vietnam directly with your passport.