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Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing for Indians: Costs and Processing Times

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing is one of the issues that receive a lot of attention from Indian guests. Because today, there are always countless cases that need you to be present in time to solve.

So what is the urgent visa service? How long does it take and how much does it cost? All of these questions will be answered below in this article. Let’s check it out!!!

How much do Indians need to pay for an urgent Vietnam visa?

The cost of an urgent Vietnam visa varies depending on the type of visa you need. Actually, as a general rule, the cost of an urgent visa is higher than the cost of a standard visa. You can expect to pay an additional fee of anywhere from $10 to $200 for urgent processing, depending on the method of application.

In addition, we provide electronic visa application services, commits to successful visa issuance and the costs and processing time are as follows:

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing

Indian Tourists Visa:

  • Processing time 4-5 working days – 60 USD (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • Processing time 2-3 working days –  extra 20 USD (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • Processing time 1 working day – extra 50 USD (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • Processing time 4 working hours – extra 80 USD (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • Processing time 2 working hours – extra 165 USD (full refund if unsuccessful)

Indian Businesses Visa:

  • Processing time 4 business days: $75 (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • 2-3 Business Days Processing Time: extra US$20 (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • 1 Business Day Processing Time: extra US$45 (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • Processing time 4 business hours: extra US$75 (full refund if unsuccessful)
  • 2 business hours processing time: extra US$165 (full refund if unsuccessful)

This is a suitable price for you. Moreover, all the above costs include visa service and visa stamping fees. So when arriving at the airport, please do not pay any fees! If you need more support, please click this link to apply for an urgent E-visa with us: It’s so easy and also will be a guide for you. 

Some typical of urgent Vietnam visa processing time

The processing times for an urgent Vietnam visa can vary depending on the method of application. Here’s how processing times can differ between the Vietnamese embassy or consulate, travel agency or visa service, and the e-visa system:

  • Vietnamese embassy or consulate: 

If you apply for an urgent Vietnam visa through a Vietnamese embassy or consulate, the processing time can be as little as 2-3 business days. However, it is important to note that processing times may be longer if there is a high volume of visa applications or if there are any issues with your application.

  • Travel agency or visa service: 

If you use a travel agency or visa service to apply for an urgent Vietnam visa, the processing time can be as little as 4-8 hours. This is because these agencies have established relationships with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate and can expedite the processing of your visa application. However, using a travel agency or visa service may incur additional fees.

  • E-visa system: 

If you apply for an urgent Vietnam visa through the Vietnam Immigration Department’s e-visa system. The processing time can be as little as 1-2 business days and also less than 1 business day . However, it is important to note that not all nationalities are eligible for e-visas. There are some limitations on the types of visas that can be obtained through the e-visa system. Actually, Indian citizens are eligible to use the e-visa service. 

Please click this link to apply for an urgent E-visa with us:

Top 10 tourist attractions in Vietnam for Indians 

Ha Long Bay: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ha Long Bay is a stunning natural wonder featuring thousands of limestone islands and islets.

Hoi An Ancient Town: This charming ancient town is known for its well-preserved architecture, colorful lanterns, and rich cultural heritage.

Ho Chi Minh City: The largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon) is a bustling metropolis with a mix of colonial and modern architecture, vibrant street markets, and delicious food.

Hue Imperial City: This former imperial capital of Vietnam is home to the Citadel and Imperial Palace, which are both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Sapa City: A mountainous town in northern Vietnam, Sapa is known for its stunning rice terraces and the opportunity to hike through the surrounding countryside.

Mekong Delta: The Mekong Delta is a vast network of rivers and canals in southern Vietnam, known for its lush greenery, floating markets, and traditional villages.

Nha Trang City: A coastal city in central Vietnam, Nha Trang boasts beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a variety of water sports and activities.

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park: This national park is home to some of the world’s largest caves and stunning natural landscapes.

Da Nang City: A modern city located in central Vietnam, Da Nang is known for its beautiful beaches, pagodas, and museums.

Hanoi capital: The capital city of Vietnam, Hanoi is a charming blend of ancient and modern, with a rich cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and delicious street food. You can find more information on the website

Finally, Why should you put your trust in us? Because we are experts and can provide you with the best Vietnam visa service for Indians. We have more than 15-year experience in this field. That’s the reason why we can support you immediately. Moreover, we provide not only for visa service but also for travelling programs. This is really useful, safe and convenient for your trips in Vietnam. 

Just contact us, Thank you and see you soon!


Vietnam Visa Photo Size

One of the common mistakes Indians make when applying for a Vietnam visa is not paying attention to the requirements of the Vietnam visa photo size. That’s the reason why they often spend more time than standard to get a Vietnam visa.

You want to apply for an urgent visa to enter Vietnam as quickly as possible. How can you make urgent Vietnam visa processing smooth and efficient? In addition to contacting visa agencies, you should prepare documents in advance to help your visa application process be processed faster and more neatly.

urgent vietnam visa

The usual process of Vietnam visa processing is as follows: Online registration: You can register online through the website of the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your country. Fill in the visa application form: After successful registration, you will be required to fill in the visa application form and provide necessary information and documents.

Urgent Service of Vietnam Visa Price for Indians

Vietnam Visa Price for Indians urgently is a common problem in recent years. Hence, it’s really useful and convenient for Indian citizens who have to book a flight to come to Vietnam immediately because of their journeys or businesses.

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing for Indians is worth the extra cost? Indeed, this is an issue that has received a lot of attention lately. The reason is that Indians are expanding their business in Vietnam.

– After the payment, you will receive email confirmation for your visa order, if you found any error or mistake, just reply to that email or you can send an email request to to ask for correction.

How to track visa order?
June 15, 2016

Within 1 – 2 working days for normal processing order we will send visa approval letter via email. For rush service, we will deal expected time to get visa letter via email.

How to make payment?
June 15, 2016

 – By Paypal: If you already PayPal member, just login to complete the payment. OR you also can pay by Visa, Master, Discovery and Amex via PayPal.