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Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing: Is it Worth the Extra Cost for Indian Travelers

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing for Indians is worth the extra cost? Indeed, this is an issue that has received a lot of attention lately.

The reason is that Indians are expanding their business in Vietnam. Therefore, there are many cases where there are unexpected meetings or problems that need to be present in Vietnam to solve immediately. But they do not have too much information about the urgent Visa service, or they believe it costs a lot.

Understanding the above issues, this article will help you clarify the issues mentioned above.

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing

Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing

When do you have to apply for an Urgent Vietnam visa?

Surely you already understand that Vietnam requires Indian tourists to apply for a visa before entering the country. It is worth mentioning that the standard processing time for a Vietnam visa is around 2-5 business days, sometimes longer in some cases. But some Indian Citizens want to apply for a Vietnam visa urgently because:

  • Last-minute travel

When you need to travel to Vietnam at short notice. The good idea that you may need to apply for an urgent visa to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation in time for your trip.

  • Business meeting

When you need to attend a business meeting or conference in Vietnam and you did not apply for a visa in advance. Thus, you may need to apply for an urgent visa to avoid missing the event.

  • Emergency situations

When you need to travel to Vietnam urgently due to a family emergency or other unforeseen circumstances. That’s the reason why you may need to apply for an urgent visa to ensure that you can enter the country.

Understand the customer’s current problem. There are several travel agencies and consulates that offer an expedited processing option. Which can be done in as little as 1 business day but it comes with an additional fee. This is really useful for Indians.

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How much money Indians need to pay for Urgent Vietnam Visa Processing?

The cost of urgent Vietnam visa processing for Indian citizens can vary depending on the agency or consulate you use. However, typically, the urgent processing service is more expensive than the standard processing service.

As per the information available online, the standard processing fee for a Vietnam visa for Indian citizens can range from around $20 to $60. It depends on the type and duration of the visa. 

The urgent processing fee can be significantly higher and can range from around $50 to $150 or more. It depends on the agency or consulate you use and how quickly you need the visa.

It is advisable to contact the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country or a reputable travel agency that provides visa services for Vietnam to inquire about the current fees and processing times for urgent visa applications. This is a good idea! Please click this link to apply for an urgent E-visa with us:

Benefits of urgent Vietnam visas for Indians

Faster processing time: The primary advantage of an urgent Vietnam visa is that it is processed much more quickly than a standard visa, usually within 1-3 business days.

Flexibility: An urgent visa can be useful for those who have urgent travel plans and need to be flexible with their itinerary.

Convenience: Using an expedited visa service can be convenient for those who may not have the time or resources to prepare a standard visa application themselves.

That’s useful and convenient for Indian Citizens who have a plan to come to Vietnam immediately. 

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Thank you and see you soon!