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What should I pay attention to when buying a house in Vietnam?

Conditions for Foreigners to buy houses in Vietnam:

Although the 2014 Housing Law stipulates that foreigners cannot purchase real estate in Vietnam; However, they can still own houses and must abide by legal procedures. Specifically, according to the provisions of Article 159, paragraph 1, of the Housing Act 2014; The conditions that foreigners can own houses in Vietnam.

What are the conditions for buying a house in Vietnam for Foreigners?

What should I pay attention to when buying a house in Vietnam?

  • Only purchase, rent, give away, inherit, and own no more than 30% of the apartments in an apartment building if it is an independent house, including villas and townhouses, Then in an area with a population equivalent to a district-level administrative unit.
  • If the house donated or inherited does not meet the conditions for owning the home; Or exceeds the specified number of houses, Only enjoy the house value at that time.
  • Foreigners can own houses according to the sales contract, lease contract, donation contract, and inheritance contract, but the extended period shall not exceed 50 years.
  • If foreigners marry Vietnamese citizens; Or marry Vietnamese living abroad; They have the right to stable and long-term housing and the same rights as Vietnamese citizens as homeowners.
  • Before the ownership of the house expires, the owner may donate; Or sell the house to the subject who is qualified to own the home in Vietnam; When the term of ownership of the house expires, the owner does not sell or donate the house; Vietnam government will own it.