After Covid-19 disease, Vietnam is stepping up measures to prevent the virus from entering and spreading. Foreigners in Vietnam need to comply with the instructions and regulations of the Vietnamese Ministry of health to prevent the spread of the 2019 coronavirus disease.

Due to the impact of the epidemic situation, many countries have canceled their visa applications. With a stable epidemic situation, many countries have opened the application for a visa to go abroad, including Vietnam.

At present, Vietnam has resumed international flights with China, Seoul (South Korea), Tokyo (Japan), and Taipei (Taiwan), but has not yet resumed the application for a Vietnamese visa. At present, the best choice for Hong Kong citizens who want to come to Vietnam is to make a change.

According to the new notice of the Vietnamese Immigration Bureau, we would like to inform our clients of the new policy of issuing visa to Vietnam as follows: Tourist visa: continue to suspend the granting of all nationalities to ensure control of COVID 19. Business visa: business visa for a single entry in three months […]

At present, all foreign citizens (including Korean citizens) who want to enter Vietnam need to take the following steps: Apply for landing visa approval in advance (with Vietnamese company guarantee). Submit PCR negative test result certificate 3 to 5 days before boarding (preferably within 72 hours).

List of hotels based on covid-19 prevention and recommendations for entry and isolation in Hanoi. If you want to apply for a business visa in Vietnam and book a hotel in isolation, please contact us: info@vietnam-visa.

On the basis of reciprocity, Vietnam and Japan have agreed to apply short-term travel procedures (also known as preferential travel rules, which apply to Japanese citizens entering Vietnam within 14 days and Vietnamese citizens entering Japan). The procedure, which will come into effect on November 1, 2020, allows one party to enter into the priority […]

An investment visa is a visa granted to foreign investors who establish or invest in Vietnam. The investment visa is marked by DT.

At present, foreign citizens who come to Vietnam for work and business trips need to apply for a Vietnamese business visa. However, because the virus situation is becoming more and more complex, all foreign citizens who come to Vietnam need to be guaranteed by Vietnamese companies.

At present, with the recovery and development of the economy, the whole country has entered a new stage of prevention and control of epidemic covid-19. More and more technical experts, skilled workers, and business managers want to work in Vietnam.

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