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Vietnam is a beautiful country that has been attracting travelers for ages. For traveling to another country, you need a valid passport and a visa to enter that country, and you have to keep these things ready before going on a tour or traveling. These documents are essential and are required in all places while moving from one place to another.

Their application for the Vietnam visa should be made beforehand from the date of traveling so that you enjoy a safe and sound journey without any hindrance. If you are applying for a Vietnam e- visa, all the processing has to be completed online, which takes very little time, but it should not be the reason for any mistake from your side, and you can receive your e-visa within few days via e-mail. You can take out the print out of the visa and keep it with you present it whenever required.

Whenever you are filling the application form for your e-visa, it has some essential requirements which you need to fulfill on time to receive a hassle-free e-visa. One of the significant elements of the e- visa application form, which you need to perform, is accurate Vietnam e visa photo specifications. Therefore specifications are to be considered for Vietnam e-visa photo requirement are as follows –

  • The format and weight of the photo should be accurate, as decided by the visa department.
  • The quality and clarity of the photo have an essential place to provide you Vietnam e-visa quickly and on time.
  • The applicant needs to give proper facial expression while getting the photo clicked.
  • You need to check the glasses, scarves, and other accessories.

Vietnam’s e-visa photo requirements are different for minors/children to obtain an e-visa quickly.

Photo Specifications for Vietnam E-Visa: Size, Quality, Color, and Attire

Different types of masses fill this online application for Vietnam e-visa, where if you specify photos required as “Passport-sized photos” can confuse some citizens as passport size can have different meanings for citizens of different countries. Therefore to keep your e-visa application safe, this should be approved and not rejected because of your photos. You need to follow the below mentioned Vietnam e-visa photo requirements carefully –

  • Size of the photo specified as 4x6cm (2×2 inches)
  • The picture format should be JPG and GIF.
  • You can upload a photo of up to 2MB and no more than that.
  • Colored photos are not allowed; they should be in black and white mode.
  • The photo’s background should be plain and bright.
  • Lightening in the photo should be kept even to avoid shadows or excess glare caused by flash, which makes the picture unclear, which is not accepted. Therefore the photo should be clear.
  • Position – Relaxing your shoulders you should face towards the camera.
  • The photo should not be very smiley; it should be a photo showing neutral expression with mouth closed.
  • Your eyes should be adequately open and visible, looking directly towards the camera. If your eyes are correctly visible from the glasses, then only they are allowed otherwise avoid it.
  • Attire – one should avoid white clothing as it can mix with the background.
  • Fashionable accessories or scarves are not allowed if wore for some medical or religious reason, then only it is permitted.
  • Hair should not cover your face better to make ponytail if you have long hair.
  • Beard – Person always keeping beard should also have a photo with a beard.
  • The photo given in the application should not be older than six months.

All applicants are required to submit one photo. You should follow the specification allotted by the department for having a photograph for the application form, which they will use in your visa. You should guide your picture as per the above guidelines to have an exact photo as needed.

Vietnam E-Visa – Photo Requirements for Children

If you are traveling to Vietnam with kids, they will need to submit a separate visa application. As a part of the different forms, they will also need a separate photograph to be provided for the visa, which should fulfill the following photo requirement to get the Vietnam e-visa photo correctly.

Following are the photo requirement for children –

  • It should be a single photo of the child where only the child can be seen in the picture. Group photo with parents and siblings are not allowed to use in the application form for e-visa.
  • The child should not be seen holding things like toys, pacifiers, bottles, and any other objects in the picture.
  • It will be best if you click a photo of the child in the standing or sitting position with their eyes wide open. If you are traveling with newborn babies or toddlers, the child can be lied down on a white sheet so that the necessary background is visible in the picture.
  • Rules for photo size, attire, and lighting, etc. that apply to adults can be followed for children also.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival – Photo Requirements

Some people opt for a Vietnam visa on arrival, which is a long process and has a different way of the application then e-visa. In this process, you receive the permit to reach the Vietnam point of entry.

When applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival, you should remember to carry two passport size photos along with your passport and travel documents, which you have to present at the Vietnamese border control office. You will need to submit the pictures before the visa control board, which will be checked by the officers and glued in entry and exit form, and you will have to pay the visa on arrival fee at the board to receive your permission on arrival.

For both the process i.e., visas on arrival, and Vietnam e-visa photo, has the same photo requirements that include photo size, format, face position, attire, accessories, and lighting, etc.

To be granted with visa on arrival at the Vietnam border, you will have to show physical copies of your photos, so be sure to take out the print out of the picture on the glossy photo paper.

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Recently introduced Chinese e-passport has created difficulties for its users to get Vietnamese e-Visa and other visas to china’s neighboring countries. Users of Chinese e-passport has to apply for a different visa or go through a separate application process to get Vietnamese e-Visa.

Vietnam, officially known as the Socialistic Republic of Vietnam, is home to scenic and exotic natural wonders. Being the easternmost country of the Indochina peninsula, it is also the 15th most populous country in the world.

Vietnam is one of the most authentic and cheapest travel destinations nestled in Southeast Asia. Not many people know that citizens of most countries do require a visa to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam is a beautiful Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and cities too. Vietnam is becoming an increasingly famous travel destination due to its beauty and budget-friendliness.

Every person has different dreams to achieve.  The world is full of different kinds of people and traditions.

Vietnam is a mesmerizing country in South East Asia with myriad experiences in-store. From historic sites, Buddhist pagodas, to rivers, beaches, and incredible natural landscapes- the country has a lot to offer.

If you are planning your next vacations in beautiful Vietnam with your family or friends, then initialize with the visa on arrival requirements to plan your trip correctly. In brief, a Vietnam visa is available on arrival.

Visiting a country is not possible without a valid visa. That document or piece of paper can be coined as the gateway to another country.