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Updated Guide 2023 – 2024: Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa Process for Indian Entrepreneurs

In the globalized world of today, where business opportunities are no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. Indian entrepreneurs are increasingly looking to expand their operations overseas. One such promising destination is Vietnam. The Southeast Asian country, with its burgeoning economy and friendly business environment, has become a lucrative proposition for many Indian businesses. However, before one can embark on this entrepreneurial journey, the first step is to secure a Vietnam Business E-visa.

Changes in the Vietnam Business E-visa Process in 2023

In 2023, the Vietnamese government introduced several changes to the Vietnam Business E-visa process to make it more streamlined and efficient. These modifications have been designed to simplify the visa application process and reduce the waiting time for approval.

Firstly, the entire application process for the Vietnam Business E-visa has been moved online. Indian entrepreneurs can now submit their visa applications, along with all the necessary documents, through the official website of the Vietnamese immigration department. This has eliminated the need for physical visits to the embassy, thereby saving time and effort for the applicants.

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Secondly, the Vietnamese government has introduced the Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service. This service allows Indian entrepreneurs to expedite their visa application process and obtain their visas within a few days, as opposed to the standard waiting period of a few weeks. This is particularly beneficial for those who need to travel to Vietnam at short notice for urgent business matters.

How to Obtain A Business E-visa?

The process of obtaining an Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa involves a few simple steps. 

Firstly, Indian entrepreneurs need to fill out an online application form available on the official website. The application form requires information such as the applicant’s details, passport information, intended date of travel, and purpose of visit.

Once the application form is filled out, the next step is to upload all the necessary supporting documents. 

After the application form and supporting documents are submitted, the applicant must pay the visa processing fee. Payment can be made online using various methods such as credit cards, debit cards, or online banking.

Once the payment is successful, the application is processed on a priority basis. The approved e-visa must be printed out and presented upon arrival in Vietnam.

The Need for Business E-visa for Indian Entrepreneurs

The Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service caters to the needs of Indian entrepreneurs who require a visa on short notice. This could be due to various reasons such as sudden business meetings, last-minute investment opportunities, or unexpected business crises that require immediate attention.

Moreover, in the highly competitive business environment of today, time is of the essence. Delays in visa approval can lead to missed opportunities and potential business losses. The Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service ensures that Indian entrepreneurs can travel to Vietnam promptly to attend to their business needs.

Furthermore, the convenience of the online application process, coupled with the quick turnaround time. This makes the Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service a preferred choice for many Indian entrepreneurs. It not only saves time and effort but also allows entrepreneurs to focus more on their business preparation rather than worrying about visa procedures.

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Our Client’s Feedback about Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa Services

The successful acquisition of Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa by many Indian entrepreneurs bears testimony to the efficiency and convenience of the service.

  • One such instance is that of Mr. Rajesh Fito, the owner of a textile manufacturing company in India. He had to travel to Vietnam at short notice for an important business meeting. Despite the time crunch, he managed to obtain his Vietnam Business E-visa within two days using the Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service. He was highly appreciative of the quick and hassle-free visa process.
  • Another notable example is that of Ms. Anjali Kapoor, a startup founder from India. She had to visit Vietnam urgently to finalize a crucial investment deal. By availing our Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service. She was able to get her visa approved within one day. Thus, enabling her to travel on time and secure the investment for her startup.

These real-life examples highlight the effectiveness of our Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa service in catering to the urgent visa needs of Indian entrepreneurs.

Why Should Choosing Our Vietnam E-visa Services?

  • Fast Approval – We ensure that you receive your e-visa on time.
  • Professional Assistance – Our experienced team guides you through the entire application process.
  • Full Refund – If your visa application is unsuccessful, we provide a 100% refund.
  • 24/7 Support – We offer round-the-clock assistance to answer all your queries.

In conclusion, the Urgent Vietnam Business E-visa can be a powerful tool for Indian entrepreneurs looking to expand their business horizons in Vietnam. By understanding the visa procedures, efficiently managing the application process, and overcoming the common challenges. Indian entrepreneurs can ensure a smooth and successful visa acquisition.

So, gear up for your entrepreneurial journey in Vietnam. And make the most of the Vietnam Business E-visa process to ensure your success in this promising land of opportunities. For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact us at We wish you happy travels and look forward to welcoming you to Vietnam!

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The Vietnamese government has recently announced a significant change in its visa policy. This has opened up new avenues for Indian businessmen to explore the Vietnamese market.


Traveling to Vietnam for business purposes requires the right visa. Specifically, Indian entrepreneurs looking to conduct business in this Southeast Asian country need to be interested in an Urgent Vietnam Business E-Visa.


As an Indian businessman planning to transact business in Vietnam, it’s crucial to understand the process of obtaining the Vietnam Business E-visa. This detailed guide intends to simplify the process for you.


The Vietnamese government, in its quest to spur foreign investment and participation in its economy. So, they have also introduced an urgent Vietnam business E-visa.

Urgent-Vietnam Business-E-visa-Services-The-Ultimate-Solution-for-Indian-Entrepreneurs

Vietnam, renowned for its rapidly growing economy, continues to attract a vast number of investors and businessmen from across the globe. For Indian entrepreneurs in particular, the opportunities to establish and expand their business ventures in Vietnam are abundant.

As globalization continues to shape the business landscape, entrepreneurs and business professionals often find themselves traversing the globe to explore new opportunities. One such destination that has been attracting a significant number of Indian entrepreneurs in recent years is Vietnam.

In the ever-changing global economy, investors are always on the lookout for new markets to explore. One such promising market for investors, particularly those from India, is Vietnam.

Unlocking-the-Vietnamese-Market-with-Vietnam-E-visa-A-Comprehensive-Guide for-Indian-Investors

Vietnam, renowned for its vibrant culture and booming economy, is increasingly becoming a hotspot for international businesses. The country’s recent policy changes, particularly regarding the Vietnam E-visa for Indian investors, have made it an even more appealing destination for Indian businessmen.

Exploring-the-Vietnamese Market with Urgent-Vietnam-Business-E-Visa-for-Indian-Investors

With the global economy becoming increasingly interconnected, the urge for Indian entrepreneurs to explore international markets has never been more compelling. The Vietnamese market, in particular, has piqued the interest of Indian investors due to its robust growth, strategic geographical location, and favorable business policies.