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Handbook Travel: Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

Handbook Travel: Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

Handbook Travel: Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

Indian citizens have shown a growing interest in Vietnam by its unique offerings. But amidst the excitement of planning a trip, a common question arises – Do Indian citizens need a visa to Vietnam? The answer is YES! In this article, we will clarify this problem and provide valuable information about the Vietnam visa .

Do Indian Citizens Need a Visa to Vietnam?

“Absolutely Yes”, Indian citizens need a visa to Vietnam. While some countries are exempt from visa requirements, India isn’t one of them. Therefore, Indian citizens must obtain a visa before traveling. However, the visa application process has been simplified significantly over the years, because of the great relationship between the two countries. Thus, making it easier for Indian citizens to plan to visit Vietnam.

Types of Vietnam Visas Available for Indian Citizens

There are several types of Vietnam visas available for Indian citizens planning to visit this country. It depends on the purpose and duration of their stay. Find out below:

  • Tourist Visa: This is the most common visa type for Indians visiting Vietnam for tourism purposes. It is valid for single or multiple entries for up to 1 month.
  • Business Visa: For Indian citizens traveling to Vietnam for business purposes, a business visa is necessary. This visa permits multiple entries and can be valid for up to 1 year.
  • Student Visa: If an Indian citizen is planning to study in Vietnam, they will need a student visa. Which can be applied for after getting admission into a Vietnamese institution.
  • Work Visa: For Indians planning to work in Vietnam, a work visa is required.
  • Transit Visa: This type of visa is for individuals transiting through Vietnam en route to another country.

Moreover, it’s important to note that the requirements and procedures can vary depending on the type of visa. So it’s advisable to check with the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in India for accurate information.

Note: In a significant policy shift effective from August 15, 2023. Thus, the Ministry of Public Security’s Vietnam Immigration Department has extended the validity of the Vietnam E-visa for Indian citizens from 30 days to a substantial 90 days. This move enhances the opportunities for Indian travelers and business enthusiasts, allowing them to spend more time exploring or conducting business in Vietnam.

E-VISA – Popular Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens

The Vietnam E-Visa, an electronic version of Vietnam’s traditional visa, is gaining popularity among Indian citizens. The E-Visa can be conveniently applied online without the need to visit the embassy or consulate. It is valid for a single entry with a stay duration of up to 90 days (you can apply with multiple entries). The E-Visa application process is straightforward and can be completed in a few simple steps:

  • Fill out the online application form on the website.
  • Upload a digital copy of the passport photo page.
  • Pay the visa fee using a credit or debit card.

However, it’s important to note that not all ports of entry in Vietnam accept E-Visas, so it’s advisable to check before applying.

Benefits of Our Vietnam E-visa Services for Indian Citizens

While it’s possible to apply for a Vietnam e- visa independently. However many Indian citizens prefer using e-visa services for their convenience and various benefits:

  • Expertise: With years of industry experience, Our e-visa service has the expertise to handle all types of Vietnam visa applications. Including urgent and emergency ones.
  • Customer Support: Dedicated customer support is available throughout the visa application process to answer any queries or concerns.
  • Secure Application Process: The online application process is secure and user-friendly. Thus, ensuring the safety of personal information.
  • Refund Policy: Our services offer a 100% refund policy if the visa isn’t delivered on time, providing peace of mind to travelers.

In conclusion, to answer the question, “Do Indian citizens need a visa to Vietnam?”, yes, they do. However, with the introduction of online visa applications and extended E-visa validity, the process has become much simpler and more convenient. So, if you’re an Indian citizen planning to visit Vietnam, make sure you have your visa sorted well in advance to enjoy a hassle-free travel experience. 



Indian Citizens Can Apply for a 3-month Vietnam E-visa Business From August 15, 2023

In a groundbreaking decision that promises to revolutionize travel and business opportunities between India and Vietnam. The Vietnam government has officially extended the Vietnam Business E-visa for Indian citizens.

Understanding The Truth: Do Indian Travelers Need a Visa to Enter Vietnam?

Welcome to the stunning beauty of Vietnam, a country that boasts a harmonious blend of traditional and modern attractions. This country is an emerging destination for global citizens, especially Indian travelers after the century pandemic.

Look into the Extended Vietnam E-Visa for Indian Citizens and Business Opportunities

Following the recent legislative changes, Indian citizens dreaming of taking an extended vacation or exploring business opportunities in Vietnam can now rejoice. As the Ministry of Public Security’s Vietnam Immigration Department has extended the validity of the Vietnam E-visa for Indian citizens from 30 days to a substantial 90 days.

Exploring Vietnam Why Not? Live like Heaven for 90-Day with Vietnam E-visa for Indian Citizens.

Now, thanks to a new policy, Indian citizens have even more reasons to pack their bags and embark on an unforgettable journey to Vietnam. Indeed, starting from August 15, 2023, Indian citizens can stay in Vietnam for up to 90 days on an e-visa, a significant increase from the previous 30-day limit.

Great Say Hello to Indian Travelers: Vietnam to Offer 3-Month E-Visa Validity from August 15, 2023

This is breaking news for Indian travelers who fall in love and expect their next trips can have more time to explore Vietnam. It’s becoming true! From August 15, 2023 citizens of India have been approved the new policy extends the Vietnam e-visa validity, from 30 days to 90 days.

Vietnam Evisa Application for Indian Citizens

In an ever-evolving digital era, the process of obtaining visas has become considerably simplified. Among the countries that have embraced this change, Vietnam stands out with its Evisa service.