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Guide to Online Visa Registration in Vietnam Including Types of Visas Such as “E-Visa, Visa on Arrival, Emergency Visa” and Related Visa Costs

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination that attracts visitors from around the world. However, many foreign visitors are required to have a Vietnam Visa Registration before entering the country. In this guide, we will discuss the different types of visas available for Vietnam, including e-visas, visas on arrival, and emergency visas, as well as their costs.

Vietnam visas for indian

Vietnam visas for indian

The different types of visas available for Vietnam

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrivalis the easiest way to apply for a business or tourist visa, and can be used within 1-3 months. This type of visa is only available to foreign citizens arriving in Vietnam by air and obtaining a visa at the Vietnam international airport. It can be used for citizens of any country, regardless of where they come from.

To apply for a visa on arrival, follow these steps:

        Step 1: Fill out a quick online registration form at (choose visa on arrival)

        Step 2: Check personal information and visa information, complete payment (payment by credit card).

        Step 3: Within a few business days, you will receive an email containing the official visa permit issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department + entry/exit form (NA1 form).

        Step 4: Print the permit and entry/exit form (NA1 form), prepare 2 photos (size: 4cm x 6cm) (background: either blue or white).

        Step 5: Bring the printed permit, entry/exit form (NA1 form), photos and stamp fee.

        Step 6: When arriving at Vietnam airport, you will see a visa application office (open 24/7, including weekends and holidays) to submit the application and obtain the visa.

Tourist Visa

There are two types of tourist visas available for Vietnam:

        Single-entry visa: 25-30 USD (3-4 business days)

        Multiple-entry visa: 50-95 USD (3-4 business days)

Work Visa

There are also two types of work visas available for Vietnam:

        Single-entry visa: 85-90 USD (3-4 working days)

        Multiple-entry visa: 110-160 USD (3-4 working days)

Priority Fee:

If you need to receive your visa faster, you can pay a priority fee:

        10 USD for receiving visa within 1 working day

        20 USD for receiving visa within 4 working hours

        80 USD for receiving visa within 1-2 working hours

        120 USD for receiving visa on weekends and holidays

        250 USD for receiving visa within 1 working hour

Photo and Stamp Fee:

Upon arrival at the airport, you will need to pay for the government’s photo and stamp fee. The fee for a single-entry visa is 25 USD, and for a multiple-entry visa, it is 50 USD.

Vietnam E-Visa:

Citizens of 80 countries can apply for a Vietnam e-visa. You can apply at the luggage control station (25 USD/person – long processing time and non-refundable if the visa is refused) or through agency websites (60 USD/person).

To apply for a Vietnam e-visa through an agency, follow these steps:

        Step 1: Fill out the online quick registration form at (choose e-visa) and upload passport and 1 photo (4cm x 6cm) (background: either blue or white).

         And Step 2: Check personal and visa information, make payment (payment by credit card).

        Step 3: Within 1-2 working days, you will receive an email containing your Vietnam e-visa.

        Step 4: Print out the e-visa and bring it with you when entering Vietnam along with the original passport and visa.

Here is information about e-visa costs to enter Vietnam:

Tourist visa type:

        30 days single entry: 60 USD – processing time: 4-5 working days

        types 30 days multiple entry: 75 USD – processing time: 4-5 working days

 Here are the costs of different visa types:

Business visa type:

1 month single entry: 25 USD

1 month multiple entry: 50 USD

3 months single entry: 25 USD

3 months multiple entry: 50 USD

6 months multiple entry: 95 USD

1 year multiple entry (applicable only for US tourists): 135 USD

After applying for a visa, you will receive a visa approval letter and can obtain a visa upon arrival at the Vietnam international airport (this type of visa only applies to tourists arriving by international flight). You will need to pay for service fees and visa stamp fees there.

We guarantee 100% refund if your requirements are not met.

Requirements for Vietnam Visa Photos

How can you apply for a Vietnam visa quickly and easily? The first thing you need to know is the requirements for Vietnam visa photos. With our Vietnam visa service, you won’t have to worry about these requirements.

Visa application service

Applying for a Vietnam visa is not a simple task, and not everyone can make a perfect visa application to meet the requirements of the Vietnamese government. If your visa application is denied, it will be a big worry, not only wasting your time and money but also affecting your plans.

Vietnam Visa Processing Time

 One of the important things, when you want to come to Vietnam, is to pay attention to the Vietnam visa processing time. Because you must make a detailed plan for your Vietnam travel trip.

Vietnam Visa Fees for Indian

IIf you’re planning to travel to Vietnam in 2023, it’s important to know the different types of visas available and their associated fees. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Vietnam visa fees for Indian various visa types.

Vietnam visas for india

.Visa support and VIP tunnel services at Vietnam international airports,Vietnam visas for Indian.

visa for indian

Indian citizens are eligible for visas to enter many countries around the world, the number of which depends on the immigration regulations and agreements between India and each country. At present, Indian citizens can enter about 58 countries around the world.

Vietnam Visa Photo Size

One of the common mistakes Indians make when applying for a Vietnam visa is not paying attention to the requirements of the Vietnam visa photo size. That’s the reason why they often spend more time than standard to get a Vietnam visa.

You want to apply for an urgent visa to enter Vietnam as quickly as possible. How can you make urgent Vietnam visa processing smooth and efficient? In addition to contacting visa agencies, you should prepare documents in advance to help your visa application process be processed faster and more neatly.