Extend Visa Vietnam 2021 Vietnam visa extension

[Door to door service] Vietnam visa extension service in Bac Giang

The process of visa extension:

If you are interested in our price and wish to continue your Vietnam visa, It is suggested that customers from Bac Giang please send your passports to our office in Ha Noi by express mail, which is the most reliable and affordable express service for important documents.

Within 7-10 working days (excluding weekends and national holidays), your passport will be returned with an extension seal. We only charge after the delay. You can choose cash or bank transfer.

Why choose us?

  • We guarantee a 99.9% success rate.
  • On-site service: we provide free passport collection and delivery services
  • 24/7 support: whenever you need us, we are ready to help you
  • Flexible payment: we accept cash and bank transfer. No advance payment is required.

Price inspection:

Whenever we buy goods or use services, the price is always our top concern. As the Visa extendsion fee varies from case to case, we would like you to contact us directly for a quotation. Here is the general information we need to check the cost:

  • Nationality:
  • Visa type:
  • Valid period of visa:
  • Arrival at airport/border:
  • Extension period:

Please send it to us via email: info@vietnam-visa.hk

The maximum extension you can ask for is 3 months. Normally, an extended stay will start from the expiration date of the original visa. However, if you apply for an extension 2 weeks before your visa expires, you will lose some of your extended stays. The best time to start applying for an extension is one week before the current visa expiration date.