Vietnam has opened international tourism and once again opened its tourist visa application to all foreigners who plan to enter for vacation, business, or other purposes, including Japanese citizens. For Japanese who plan to travel to Vietnam soon, you have two choices of visa, Evisa and landing visa.

From 2022, Vietnam will resume the application of electronic visas to make it easier for foreign tourists to apply for Vietnamese visas. However, when applying for a Vietnamese e-visa online, the most important thing is to upload passport information pages and photos.

What kind of visa does Vietnam airport issue the landing visa? Visas issued at Vietnamese airports (also known as landing visas or visas on arrival) are a very convenient and straightforward way to apply for visas to enter Vietnam. When tourists arrive in Vietnam, they can directly collect this visa at one of Vietnam’s international […]

According to the Vietnamese government’s decree, the JAPANESE are on the list of citizens of Visa-free countries (free visa for 15 days). Therefore, JAPANESE who want to stay in Vietnam for more additional than 15 days need to hold a valid Vietnam visa.

Japan is not on the visa-free list in Vietnam. Therefore, Japanese citizens of Vietnam need to apply for visas according to Vietnamese regulations for any reason.

煩わしい移民手続きでトラブルに遭ったら、入国後の隔離の選択が心配ですか?この文章はベトナムに入国する過程を説明してくれます。どのように隔離ホテルを手配しますか? まず、今ベトナムに来たすべての外国人はベトナムビザを申請しなければなりません。

ベトナムビジネスビザは、DN1とDN2ビザとして分類され、ベトナムに入国するビジネス目的のために与えられます。 DN1ビザ-ベトナムの法律に従って他のビジネスと組織と法的地位で働く外国人に与えられること。


10月1日を更新します: 現在は無限停止します。ベトナムはまだ着地ビザと電子ビザを回復していません。


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