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Why are you still refused entry after you have a Vietnamese visa?

Not only in European and American countries but also in any country including Vietnam, it is a necessary condition to apply for an entry visa before entering the country. However, some people already have a visa but are refused entry at the time of entry, why?

In some cases, the customs and Immigration Department has the right to decide whether to accept tourists. Although the probability of being refused entry is very small (00001%), tourists feel very depressed if they encounter this problem. This document will remind you what to pay attention to before entering Vietnam.

The common reasons for being refused entry are:

  • Fake passport and/or visa.
  • Visa information is different from passport information. (don’t forget to check your personal information again and again after receiving the visa. The visa information must be exactly the same as the passport information)
  • Passport and visa photos are different from real people.
  • The visa has expired or is about to expire.
  • Missing document when requested.
  • Previously denied entry.
  • Carrying weapons or drugs (these two are too heavy, not only being refused entry will be dealt with according to Vietnamese law)
  • Having a criminal record and/or making false statements when applying for a visa
  • Have the same name on the blacklist.
  • Suffering from infectious diseases that can spread or endanger public health.
  • Unable to finance (no money, credit card…).

What should we pay attention to when entering Vietnam?

Please note that it is normal for security personnel to ask you carefully before entering the country, even visa exempt person.

If you don’t want to get into trouble, please avoid appearing nervous, embarrassed or irritable and answer each question clearly.

It is best to answer your itinerary and purpose honestly to facilitate the immigration process.

In addition, although the airline staff have no right to cancel the guest’s visa, they have the right not to let you board if they find that there are problems with the immigration conditions at the destination.

Because, if the passenger is refused entry, the airline may have to bear the administrative expenses, meals at the destination and the expenses of returning the passenger to the starting point.


Vietnam e-visa is a single entry visa that approved applicant can stay in this country for 30 days. Vietnamese E-visa for citizens of Vanuatu is an electronic document.

Due to the influence of covid19, tourists visiting Vietnam must download the PC-COVID app. So, what is the PC-COVID app? Why do I have to install it? How to install it? PC-COVID app is an epidemic prevention application developed and put into use in late September 2021.

In the past, getting from Noi Bai airport to the Hanoi center made many people feel troublesome, especially for those who fly to the capital for the first time. How to book, which vehicle to choose, which route to take, price and the travel time will make people confused.

How long can I stay in Vietnam? The time allowed to stay is determined by the validity period of the visa from the date of entry you entered in the application form. You can obtain the visa 2-3 months before your travel without worrying about the visa expires before your departure.