Vietnam e-visa Visa On Arrival

How To Apply The Vietnam Visa For Children

If you are planning a family trip with children to Vietnam in the coming year, then the parents need to know about the Vietnam visa rules for the kids.

While traveling to Vietnam with kids, it is essential for the parents to apply for the children’s visa as the children also require a valid visa to enter the country. In contrast, minors under 14 years can travel with their parent’s passport if they are traveling with the Vietnam e-Visa.

Therefore, a Vietnam Visa for Children is mandatory in any of the cases, either child having a passport or not.

The Need for Vietnam Visa for Children

The Vietnam Visa for children requires all the minors to have a valid passport unless they are traveling with their parent’s or legal guardian’s passport.

The application process will also need the applicant to have an email address and a debit or credit card. The former is to receive the visa status by email, and the latter is to cover the e-visa fee. A parent can make the payment using his/her card on behalf of the child and also include their email address.

Children who are under the age of 14 years, and are traveling on their parent’s or legal guardian’s passport need not submit any separate e-Visa application. While filling the online application, the parent needs to mention that a minor, included in the passport, is also traveling with them.

A Note to all the parents and international travelers is that their passport (must be having a minimum validity of half year/6 months from the date of arriving Vietnam).

The Parents, who have included their children in the passport, need to provide a photograph of the child along with their birth details (such as date of birth) and name in the online e-visa application.

Further, for the Children or minors who are above 14 years require to submit a separate application form while applying for the Vietnam e-visa.

Vietnam Entry Rules and Requirements for the Kids Traveling to Vietnam

The entry rules governed by the Vietnamese government for entering the country are as follows:

  • The Vietnam entry rules for the kids are the same as the rules defined for any foreign citizen.
  • If the kid isn’t under their parent’s passport, at that point, their visa ought to be valid for at least a half year from the date of arrival in the nation.
  • The online visa or e-visa for Vietnam given to the travelers allows them to visit the country for the specified purposes as: Tourism; Business purpose includes investing; Journalism; Studying purpose; Visiting the family staying in Vietnam and more.
  • The e-visa is valid only for the single entry or can be called as the single entry visa that allows the parents and kids to stay for a 30-day from the date they arrived in Vietnam.
  • Children who are under 14 and are not accompanied by a parent or any authorized person will not be allowed to enter Vietnam.
  • All the individuals visiting Vietnam must be carrying a valid passport.

Thus, all the individuals visiting Vietnam on e-visa are advised to meet the countries entry criteria before arriving in Vietnam to avoid any hassle. Further, the eVisa for children and other individuals can be easily obtained with a secure online process.

Photo requirement – Vietnam Visa for Children

If you are traveling Vietnam with your kids, then either they should also have to apply for their visa application separately. Or the Parents, who have included their children in the passport, need to provide a photograph of the child along with their birth details (such as date of birth) and name in the online e-Visa application.

As a significant aspect of their application, kids should have their visa photographs submitted, following the Vietnam visa photograph rules for the kids, which are as follows:

  • There should be the only child in the picture. Whereas no family photographs and siblings photographs are allowed to apply for the Vietnam visa for the kids.
  • There should be no objects like the toys, pacifiers, bottles, and more in the photograph.
  • If conceivable, the picture of the minor needs to be in standing or staying position with his or her eyes opens.
  • In the case of infants, the parents need to lay the infant on the white sheet to get a transparent background.
  • Other rules relating to the size, attire, light of the picture are the same as adults.

Additional Vietnam E-Visa Rules

  • A valid Passport, which must-have in any event two clear pages to get the visa stamps while entering Vietnam.
  • The e-visa empowers a single entry to the country, so the people who wish to leave Vietnam before the 30-day authenticity completes and subsequently return the nation will be required to re-apply for e-Visa.
  • Most of the e-visa qualified nationals additionally need to acquire either a 30-day or 90-day Vietnam visa on arrival. While the equivalent requires more work than the online visa, it is just available at seven air terminals in the country, which additionally includes an exceptionally long waiting.
  • Keep a copy of the e-visa reliably: Visitors entering with an e-visa must pass on a duplicate of their e-visa with them for the term of their stay in the nation.
  • Minors (under 14): Applicants who are 14 or under can be clubbed for their parent’s e-visa application. An alternate application should be made for minors with a passport.

If you are a citizen of 81 eligible countries, you can quickly obtain e-Visa by applying online. There are 24 eligible visa-free countries whose citizens can enter Vietnam without any visa or e-Visa. Germany, UK, Sweden, and Chile are few of the visa-free countries. Vietnamese e-Visa can be obtained through the online application, which can be filled by the parent or guardian on behalf of the child.

However, if you are not from the specified (eligible) 81 or 27 countries, then you may choose to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival OR have to visit the nearby Vietnam embassy or the consultant to apply for the Vietnam visa.

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Vietnam is a beautiful country that has been attracting travelers for ages. For traveling to another country, you need a valid passport and a visa to enter that country, and you have to keep these things ready before going on a tour or traveling.

Vietnam, officially known as the Socialistic Republic of Vietnam, is home to scenic and exotic natural wonders. Being the easternmost country of the Indochina peninsula, it is also the 15th most populous country in the world.

Vietnam is one of the most authentic and cheapest travel destinations nestled in Southeast Asia. Not many people know that citizens of most countries do require a visa to visit Vietnam.

Vietnam is a prominent South-east Asian country with busy cities, Buddhist monuments, rivers, beaches, French colonial landmarks, and war history museums. If you are traveling to Vietnam for a holiday, depending upon the country you are from, there is a good chance you must have a visa.

Vietnam is a beautiful Southeast Asian country known for its beaches, Buddhist pagodas, rivers, and cities too. Vietnam is becoming an increasingly famous travel destination due to its beauty and budget-friendliness.