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What are the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens?

Vietnam is a rapidly growing economy with an increasing number of business opportunities. Indian citizens who are planning to travel to Vietnam for business purposes need to obtain a Vietnam business visa. The process of obtaining a business visa for Vietnam can be quite daunting, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. In this article, we will discuss the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens, so that you can plan your trip accordingly and avoid any potential complications. Let’s check it out!

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens?

What are the prerequisites for obtaining a Vietnam business visa for Indian citizens?

The necessary documents for obtaining a Vietnam business visa

A Vietnam business visa is generally issued to foreigners, especially Indian citizens. Who is visiting the country for work-related activities, such as participating in business conferences, engaging in negotiations, or attending trade exhibitions?

To secure a business visa, you will commonly need to submit the following documents:

  • A valid passport with a minimum of 6 months remaining validity
  • A recent passport-sized photograph
  • A visa application form
  • An invitation letter from the Vietnamese organization you will be visiting
  • Evidence of financial stability, like bank statements
  • Proof of onward journey, such as a round-trip ticket or a reservation confirmation
  • The duration of stay allowed on a business visa can differ, but it usually ranges from 1 to 3 months, with the option to extend based on the particular details of your visit.

Regarding the number of entries permitted. A Vietnam business visa usually grants either single or multiple entries, depending on the particulars of your visa application. Currently, the quickest method to apply for a business visa is to apply for an electronic visa online, which requires minimal information. 

Indian citizens are now eligible to apply for electronic visas for business purposes, by submitting only their passport information page and a clear headshot photo without glasses. 

To apply for an E- Visa, please follow the link provided below. The processing time for an E- Visa is 4-5 working days, while the emergency service can be completed in 2 working hours at the most.

Step-by-step Process to Apply for a Business Vietnam E – Visa for Indians

Obtaining Vietnam visa for Indians is a simple process. Thanks to the e-Visa system. Follow these steps to apply for your visa online:

Visit the official Vietnam e-Visa website: Access the official Vietnam e-Visa portal at to begin your application.

Complete the online application form: Fill out the required personal and passport information, as well as details about your intended business activities in Vietnam. Ensure that all information is accurate and matches the details on your passport.

Upload your passport-sized photograph: Ensure your photograph meets the required specifications and is in JPEG format.

Provide supporting documents: Depending on your type of business Vietnam visa. Thus, you may need to provide additional documentation. Such as an invitation letter or a detailed business plan.

Pay the visa fee: After you have completed the application form and uploaded the required documents. Thus, proceed to pay the non-refundable visa fee using a credit or debit card.

Wait for your business Vietnam visa for approval: Once your application has been submitted, you can expect to receive an email with your visa approval letter within 3-5 business days for regular processing or 1-2 business days for expedited processing.

Print your visa approval letter: Upon receiving your visa approval letter via email, print it out and bring it with you when you travel to Vietnam.

Upon arrival in Vietnam, you’ll need to present your visa approval letter, passport, and any additional required documentation to the immigration officer for verification. After verifying your information, the officer will stamp your passport with the appropriate business Vietnam visa.

Moreover, you can click this link to apply for an E-visa with us: This is suitable for you who need to go to Vietnam in urgent cases. We strongly believe this article will be valid information to you. 

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