How to Get Vietnam Visa for Indians

Getting Vietnam visa is an easy process of late but specification has to be kept in mind that for what purpose you are going to Vietnam. If it is a short trip for business purpose or you are applying for student visa or for tourist visa. Indians can get visa for Vietnam only if you possess a passport. The process of getting visa follows a normal procedure in most cases unless you do not get visa through those procedures, it becomes difficult.

The process of getting a visa is of three basic types that include - through embassy, through agents and through online procedure. The duration of each type varies and as far as online procedure is concerned you have to get access of the online application form for visa to Vietnam. All the details which are required need to be furnished along with the copies of documents which have to be scanned. The charges of application fees also have to be paid. The Vietnamese immigration department verifies the documents and if everything is fine then it is reviewed. The approval letter is provided to you within two days. Additional charge also needs to be given by you and you have to carry the printout till you get the visa on arrival in Vietnam.

On arriving to Vietnam you need to show the approval letter along with your passport so that your passport is stamped with the visa. The charge of stamping needs to be paid. There are certain criteria’s that you should remember while applying for visa which are that you should be travelling by air, the payment has to be made online and if you are travelling for business purpose the sponsor letter should also be provided and the ticket for travelling. Single entry or multiple entries is to be stated along with the time of your stay. The official website that offers visa for Vietnam needs to be checked at all times if you want to save yourself from scams. You also need to check for the airports in Vietnam that stamp the visa.

Certain reasons as to why Indians should opt for visa on arrival

The process is simplified and does not involve any second or third person- commission cost is lowered if you opt for visa on arrival through online method. With the streamline procedure and after getting the approval letter it makes it easier for you to get a visa as it works like a visa till you reach the airport of Vietnam. To avoid any fraudulency it is best that you apply online from the authenticated website. It is a cost effective method of getting visa on arrival. The validity of tourist visa is of 1 month and you can extend it as well. Remember that the approval letter which you get hold of are also of two types- one when you pick after reaching the airport of Vietnam and other that you can collect from the embassy of Vietnam quite successfully.

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